Refine Your Images Contrast With This Simple Capture One Pro Tool

Capture One offers quite a few tools to adjust your raw files. It’s best known for its color editing capabilities, but luminosity adjustments are also very well designed. One of them was introduced last year with Capture One Pro 9, and it’s called the Luma Curve. It’s a powerful feature to adjust contrast manually while avoiding any color shift. Let’s see how it works and how it compares to an RGB curve.

Quick Workflow Tip for Mac Users

Today's quick tip is in regard to efficiency. Anyone who has ever talked to me knows that I am 100 percent a Mac user. I feel they are by far the best for photographers. Before getting into a Mac versus Windows argument, it is not so much in regard to the hardware as it is the operating system and the level of efficiency that a Linux-type operating system allows.

Documentary Film Explains Why Apple Killed FCP7 - But Will It Be Anything More Than a Promo for Final Cut X?

There’s an interesting documentary in the works if you’re a video editor. With an obvious pun for the title, "Off the Tracks" interviews professional editors, trainers, and application developers to dig into why Apple made such a shift, when their existing app suite was already successful. I’ll provide some background, but also some editorial commentary below, as I feel like this documentary has potential to either be very interesting or completely pointless.

Shooting With a Toy Camera: The Holga

The Holga 120 GCFN is a plastic medium format camera with a fixed 60mm f/8 lens, complete with over-the-top vignetting and light leaks. But for many, that's the joy of a toy camera. See what's it like to shoot with this cult classic.

Getting Started Using LUTs in Premiere Pro

If you're just getting into video, one of the most important things you can tackle to improve both the look of your footage and the efficiency of your editing is LUTs. This helpful tutorial will get you off and running in very little time.

Sony a9 Dynamic Range Tested, Compared to Canon 1D X Mark II and Nikon D5

The Sony a9 might be the most hotly anticipated camera in quite some time, as it's the first time a mirrorless camera has taken such direct aim at the flagship DSLR bodies. While a lot of the excitement has been about its shooting speed and autofocus capabilities, another important characteristic is dynamic range, which you can now see measured and compared to those other bodies.

A Guide to Retouching Environments in Photoshop

If you're working as a real estate photographer, taking environmental portraits, or simply want cleaner shots, a little bit of retouching and cloning can go a long way. This helpful tutorial will show how to declutter and polish your shots.

How Visual Effects Can Enhance Your Work for the Better

Love it or hate it, CGI and digital compositing are here to stay. I think you'd actually be surprised at how much of it is used without you even realizing and for this reason it's something which you should be open to embracing to enhance your video and photography work.

The Must-Have U.S. National Park Travel Guide for Photographers: 'Treasured Lands'

In 2002, QT Luong became the first person to photograph all U.S. National Parks with a large-format camera. His experience in traveling these beautiful, natural lands is simply inspiring. He was even a featured artist in the epic Ken Burns documentary, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.” With all his knowledge and stories gained from decades of creating stunning imagery across the United States, I feel fortunate that Luong authored his photography book, “Treasured Lands.”

Publicly Documenting My Private Failures

Perhaps this article is a risk to my career by virtue of being too honest, but it's a subject I have wanted to discuss publicly for some time. In the era where social media is the backbone of perception, it's all too easy to feel you can never measure up. This isn't new information and in fact, it's a rather well-trodden path. Even armed with the knowledge, however, I still feel I walk in to the trap of taking the world that is presented to me as the only facts worth knowing. I want to sacrifice my self-consciousness to do my bit to rectify this.

How to Get Smoother Handheld Footage

If you shoot or looking to shoot video, one question that you might be trying to think a solution for is how to get smoother video footage. I am not sure how many people would be interested in watching a video that you are trying to produce if it is entirely too shaky especially if that doesn't fit the mood of the video. Some scenes like a chase sequence may work better with shaky footage, but some scenes will work better with a smoother shot.

Canon Shares Videos Showcasing Famed Photographers From Their Pro Team

In this short video series from Canon, the company’s professional “Explorers of Light” photographers are featured and share their backgrounds of how they got started in the business and what drives them today. Today we hear from Jeremy Cowart, Douglas Kirkland, Damian Strohmeyer, Stephanie Sinclair, and Michel Tcherevkoff.

How I Got Over 900 Million Views on Two Different Photos

Back in 2015 I was pretty active on Google+ and most of my posts would get over a hundred plus ones, which are basically the same as a like on Facebook. Getting this much activity on a public post meant that more people were likely to see it. Eventually this pattern resulted in five photos being selected and featured by Google on Chromecast. While I was excited about the honor, I had no idea how many views would come with it.

Great Video on Making a Print in the Darkroom

As I delve deeper into teaching myself how to print in the darkroom, I find myself constantly scouring YouTube for videos on the subject. In trying to relay the things I've learned to you, I realized that there's a lot about printing in the darkroom that I had no clue about. In this video, Andrea Calabresi, an educator based in Italy, does a wonderful job of giving an overview of what it takes to get a good print.

Learning to Deal with the Stress Some Clients Bring

For just about the past year now, I have been working in real estate and aerial photography. I mainly work with the agents directly and the most important thing for me to do is be able to establish a good relationship with each and every agent I work with. These agents are my clients and I want to be able to keep them as clients so they continue to come back to me for any photo, video, or aerial work they need to market their properties. Within this short little year I have been working, I've dealt with so much and learned more than I ever could have imagined.

A Hands-On Look at the New DJI Spark

The new DJI Spark is an intriguing and adorable little (so little) drone. While its size, specs, and usability features all seem to point at it being a drone for the masses, there are many of us wondering how it might hold up in more professional circumstances. Check out this early hands-on review to find out.

Never Deal With Syncing Camera Times Again

Working with a second shooter has a ton of advantages: you can cover more moments, you get different angles and perspective on the same moments, and they even allow you to try new things during the day that you normally couldn't afford to do. One of the more frustrating things about working with a second shooter though, is when you get back home to later find out that your cameras were not synced to the correct time. What you're left with is images from the reception all intermixed with images from getting ready.

Conceptual Photography Master Reveals How It's Done Behind the Scenes

Last summer, Conceptual Photographer Erik Johansson spent a calm, pleasant evening shooting his charming photo project “Full Moon Service.” Almost instantly going viral as soon as it touched the Internet today, here’s a behind-the-scenes look of how it all came together from hand drawn sketch to fine art print.

Photographer Creates Entrancing Bokeh Backdrop

Some gels, a design, and a little DIY ingenuity came together to create this awesome setup that allowed Photographer Anya Anti to shoot these gorgeous and interesting portraits. Check out the results and go behind the scenes to make your own.

The Importance of Understanding Genre as a Fashion Photographer

There is no shortage of educational material on the market for getting started in virtually any industry of photography. Moreover, fashion is one of the most crowded spaces in regards to this sort of education which can mean the volume of repetition offered from one educational video to another can become rather tiresome. In contrast, when an aspect of fashion photography sheds new light on an often ignored aspect of the industry, the viewer can enjoy a refreshing new look into well-covered ground.

What It's Like to Shoot 35-Year-Old Film

Unlike SD cards, film has an expiration date. Once it reaches the end of its shelf life, all sorts of unpredictable things can happen: loss of sensitivity, decreased contrast, color shifts, fog, etc. Some people see that as unacceptable, some see it as artistic charm. Here's how one roll held up after over three decades of languishing in a bag.