How This Photographer Shoots Light Halos Above UK Landmarks

A photographer with a passion for long exposures has shared an insight into how he creates UFO-style light halos within his landscape images. His posts containing his work have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes on the video-sharing site TikTok.

Which of These Affordable 85mm Lenses Is the Best?

Wide-aperture 85mm lenses are some of the most popular out there, a fact the seemingly never-ending arms race between manufacturers for the most bokeh-licious portrait lens can attest to. Not all of us want to spend over $2,000 on such a lens, though, and there are plenty of options that still offer good image quality at much more affordable prices. This excellent video comparison takes a look at two such options.

Predictions for Professional Photography in 2022

There are lots of gear rumors and predictions that come out at the start of a year, so I thought I would chip in with my predictions for the industry as a working photographer and give my predictions as to how 2022 will likely pan out.

23 Fantastic Tips to Make You a Better Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is a challenging and complex genre that takes a lot of different variables coming together to produce successful work. If you are looking to improve your own work and gain more confidence in your abilities, check out this fantastic video that will give you 23 helpful tips from a seasoned pro.

Small Things Make a Big Difference: Why Smallrig’s L-Bracket Is My Favorite

The L-bracket is a pretty simple idea: have a way of mounting your camera vertically or horizontally to the tripod. Between that simple idea and the actual product, however, is a big difference in execution. I recently tried out Smallrig’s L-bracket for the Nikon Z6 and Z7 series, and I was really impressed by how it elevates that fundamental concept to accessory perfection.

Behind the Scenes of Bird Photography in the Jungle With Great Tips

Bird photography is tremendously difficult and so is photographing in a jungle. So, it follows that photographing birds in a jungle will require a lot of skill in patience. Watch as two veteran wildlife photographers go through recent shots and offer some tips and mistakes to avoid.

Behind the Scenes Photographing Huge Waves Crashing Into a Lighthouse

The sea has so many different styles of photography that can be conducted with it that if you live near an ocean, it can be a brilliant source of both imagery and practice. In this video, one photographer sets out to capture huge waves crashing into a lighthouse.

A Quick Guide to Creating Portraits

It is common to see family members using their phones to take photographs at family events. Often these images aren’t memorable because of poor composition and bad lighting. Here’s an easy lighting setup you can use to create professional-quality photographs.

8 Must-Haves for Making Videos in Your Home Studio

Most YouTubers have set up their home studios bit by bit and learned how to achieve the shots and looks that they want by trial and error. In this video, veteran photographer and YouTuber Becki, of the duo Becki & Chris, shares eight tips that they've learned over the years, and I think they just might help you.

A Review of the New Leica M11 Camera

The Leica M11 is here, and it brings with it a bevy of new features and improvements that have captured the attention of Leica fans and general photographers alike. This excellent video review takes a look at the new camera and if it can keep up with the legendary standards set by its predecessors.

Finding Your Own Photographic Style, and Why It’s So Important

Should you think more about having a coherent and distinctive style to your photography? If you want to raise your game, then finding your own look is imperative. There's one surefire way of developing that. However, some big obstacles will try to trip you up along the way.

A Good Reminder You'll Need the Next Time You're Frustrated With Photography

Photography is a wonderful thing that can be tremendously satisfying, but on the other hand, it can also be very difficult and quite frustrating. The next time you find yourself in that space, remember that you watched this video and that you are not alone in experiencing those feelings.

It’s Not About the Camera, It’s About Who’s Pressing the Shutter

I can think of so many times throughout my career where I have drooled over that latest camera release or that most recent lens that my brain convinces me that I simply have to have. Realistically, though, what photographer out there hasn't done that at least once in their career?

What Can Truly Improve Your Photography

Spend any amount of time looking up photography on the internet, and you will be bombarded from every direction by claims of how you can improve your work, a lot of them centered around gear. Really, though, if you want to improve, it comes down to how you approach your photos, and this insightful video discusses what you really need to make better images.

Which Program Handles Sony Raw Files Better, Lightroom or Capture One?

Sony cameras have long been criticized for their color science. The notion is that Sony cameras produce unflattering colors, especially for skin tones. This claim seems to be leaning towards raw files processed in Lightroom. Capture One is generally recommended, so, let's find out which of the two software is the better option for Sony raw files.

How to Customize Lightroom to Give You More Useful Information

Lightroom contains more customization capabilities under its hood than it might seem initially, but one that rarely gets mentioned is the information the program shows you about your photos. Lightroom actually lets you display all sorts of data in these cells, and taking a few minutes to change their default settings can make your workflow a lot easier. This great video tutorial will show you how to do just that.

Do You Suffer From the 'Curse' of the Photographer?

Do you find yourself in a seemingly never-ending cycle of being excited by your work, only to become disenchanted with and disappointed by it when you look back at it later? Maybe you suffer from the "curse of the photographer."

Strengthen Your Eyesight With This Simple Daily Routine

As photographers, our perception of the world around us is our most important tool, and our only interface to the visible world. There's much to be said about reducing screen-time, but it may not be practical for everyone. Instead, here's another way to relieve your eyes; with a simple daily routine.

Is This a Next-Level Travel Lens?

Generally, travel lenses are meant to cover a wide range of focal lengths to allow you to be able to photograph most things you are likely to encounter. On the other hand, when you go for a large focal length range, that often means sacrificing wide apertures for low-light situations and sharp image quality. This lens might be able to give you the trifecta of reach, aperture, and sharpness, however.

10 Steps for Finding the Perfect Camera Angle

We can learn a lot from experienced filmmakers and cinematographers, and one of their strongest skills is their ability to tell stories. Whether you shoot video or photos, this excellent video tutorial will give you a 10-step process for finding the best, most compelling angle for every shot.

The Important Question You Should Ask Before Taking Every Photo

We spend a ton of time talking about how to take a photo, including lighting, techniques, composition, and a lot more. And of course, all those things are quite important to producing a compelling photo, but that is not enough. But it takes more than that to create a good image, and this insightful video discusses how you should be approaching taking photos beyond just the how-to of it all.

Which Apple Computer Is Right for You?

The MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac. The M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max. There is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to Apple computers. If you are looking at the vast array of models and wondering which one is right for your work, check out this great video that will give you an overview of the lineup and help you pick the computer for you.

How to Become a Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer can be a really enjoyable career if you have the drive and the right personality for it. If that is something you are interested in but are unsure of how to get started, this helpful video tutorial will give you some important areas to focus on to put you on the right track.

Focal Length And Your Portfolio

I recently parted ways with my Nikon Z 24-200mm f4-6.3, not because it's a bad lens and not up to the job, but simply because it didn't fit in with my portfolio. Or should I say didn't feature heavily in my portfolio, if at all.