A Look at the Affordable and Flexible Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III VXD G2 Lens

The Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD was a runaway hit for the company, using smart compromises to offer a light and portable lens with great performance and image quality at a price that significantly undercut offerings from first-party companies. The second generation of the lens brought with it a range of improvements over the already impressive original version, and this great video review takes a look at the performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

Is It Colder in Color?

Non-photographers often complain about black and white images: they’re dated, they’re just a gimmick, or they’re elitist and boring. These are personal preferences; however, we live in a color world, so you can't discount that black and white images can create a disconnect for modern viewers. To bring history alive, is colorization a solution?

The Best Budget Camera for Astrophotography

With all the fanfare this past year over the latest developments in camera technology, it's easy to get caught up in gear envy. And that's completely natural. But what if there's a better camera out there that most of us have forgotten about?

Five Great Photo Spots on Madeira

With its cliffs, spectacular mountains, and moody forests, Madeira is a dream destination for landscape photographers. It's a relatively small volcanic island, and you can drive from one end to the other in about an hour. So, wherever you stay on the island, you'll have various photo spots within reach. In this article, I show you five of the best.

How to Create a Realistic Coin in Adobe Photoshop

With many countries still experiencing different degrees of restrictions, arranging photoshoots can be difficult. If you want to keep learning, Photoshop techniques are a decent substitute.

5 Rules of Lighting Every Photographer Should Know

Working with artificial light is something a lot of photographers struggle with, but if you understand some fundamental rules about how it behaves and how to control it, you can make your life a lot easier. This excellent video tutorial will show you five fundamental rules of lighting that every photographer should know and how to use them to make better images.

A Review of the TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95 Lens

A 50mm lens with a wide aperture is quite versatile, offering a neutral focal length for anything from portraits to events coverage and a lot of pleasing narrow depth of field and light-gathering capabilities. It does not get much wider than f/0.95, and this excellent video review takes a look at one such option, the TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95.

How to Make Your Best Landscape Photographs

Landscape photography is a challenging but popular genre, requiring you to have good creative vision, solid technique, savvy editing, and often, just a bit of luck. If you are ready to make better images in 2022, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will give you plenty of great advice to set you on your way in the new year.

Why Is Becoming a Photographer So Difficult?

Learning how to use a camera, control lighting, and edit to consistently produce compelling images is hard enough, but turning that into a successful business is an entirely different challenge altogether. If that is something you have been wondering about or struggling with, this great video contains an important reminder to help keep you from becoming discouraged.

How to Create Hard Shadows and Soft Shadows in Your Photography

Did you know studies have shown that viewers form an opinion of people within 1/10th of a second of seeing them? In a similar way, viewers judge brands with a cursory glance. Brands rely on design elements such as color, shape, line, and font to communicate their identity and values.

2 Landscape Photographers Go Head-to-Head With a 70mm Challenge

One way to test your skills and to improve your creativity at the same time is to set yourself a shooting challenge. In this video, Nigel Danson and James Popsys go head-to-head with the challenge of shooting landscapes with only a 70mm focal length.

How to Improve Your Wedding Website and Get More Bookings

The website is the calling card of most photographers nowadays, and its design, user experience, and information all contribute to whether a potential client is likely to book you or move on. This helpful video tutorial features an experienced wedding photographer discussing several ways you can improve your website to increase your bookings.

A Look at Some of the Best Cameras and Lenses of the Past Few Years

It certainly is an exciting time to be a gear nerd, with manufacturers having released some truly next-level cameras and lenses in the last few years. This interesting video review takes a look at some of the best options of the last few years, their pros and cons, and how they compare to each other.

Did Nikon Hit the Sweet Spot With the Z fc Mirrorless Camera?

Nikon's first retro-inspired camera, the Df, came out to mostly middling reviews noting its emphasis on form over function. Their second effort, the mirrorless Z fc, keeps the retro aesthetic and features far more competitive specs. Did the company hit the sweet spot this time? This great video review takes a look at the image quality and performance you can expect from the Z fc.

10 Common Questions About Using Vintage Lenses

Vintage lenses have exploded in popularity in the last few years, offering photographers much more affordable options and unique looks that are not seen in more modern lenses. However, with so many options out there, it can be a bit hard to know where to look, what to buy, and how much to spend. This excellent video answers 10 common questions about using vintage lenses to get you on the right track.

We Review the Haida M10 Generation II Filter Holder

I started using the Haida M10 filter system in January 2020, and I liked it a lot. Since that time I have been using the M10 filter system exclusively. Now, Haida released a second generation with many improvements. I was provided with an M10 generation II filter holder for review.

The Proper Way to Use a Wide Angle Lens for Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography, the lens of choice is almost always some sort of wide angle, whether a 16-35mm, 24mm, or something similar. And while such lenses are absolutely effective in the genre, there is a common mistake landscape photographers make with them, and this helpful video details both what it is and how to correct it.

How to Fake the Panning Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Panning photography has a few uses, but it's most commonly seen in motorsport. It's a tricky technique to get the most out of and on occasion, it's not even possible. In those situations, perhaps you can fake it instead.

How to Create Dramatic Headshots With Three Lights, One Light at a Time

Creating dramatic headshots using multiple lights doesn't have to be difficult. One of the best ways to become proficient at using a three-light setup is by building it one light at a time. In this article and the accompanying video, I will demonstrate how you can easily create dramatic headshots and portraits using a key light, kicker light, and fill light.

A Reminder Every New Photographer Needs to Hear

Taking successful photographs take a combination of a wide range of techniques, creative vision, timing, and often, a little bit of luck, and as such, it can take a long time to become consistently successful. If you are feeling a bit discouraged by the slow process, this great video has a message you need to hear.

If You Need a Bigger Backdrop for a Photoshoot, Try This

Have you ever had a great background you want to use for an image but it just isn't big enough? With this combination of techniques, both in-camera and in post-production, you can make it seem as if it was big enough.

The One Technique Everyone Should Be Talking About

Edward Weston began his career making soft, almost out-of-focus images that emphasized patterns and light. After a trip to Mexico in the 1920s, he decided that photography was really about details and realistic depictions of the world. He made a complete turnaround in his work and began making work that was simple and focused on tones and textures. He got so into "straight" photography that he didn’t even believe in cropping his images.

7 Camera Settings You Should Consider Changing

Modern digital cameras are remarkably complex machines, and there are a lot of parameters and settings you can adjust that will improve both the quality of your images and your ability to get the shot you want. This helpful video tutorial will show you seven camera settings (some well known and some not as obvious) you should consider changing to improve your photography experience.

How to Take Photos Without a Lens

The lens is obviously one of the most fundamental pieces of photography gear along with the camera, but strictly speaking, you do not actually need one to create an image. This interesting video will take you behind the scenes of a neat photography process that lets you take photos without even using a lens and show you the workflow and results.

How to Make the Most of the Wedding Photography Off-Season

In most places in the Northern Hemisphere, wedding photography is in the middle of its seasonal dip, giving photographers a chance to catch their breath and focus on other things for a while. So, what can you do to keep your business well oiled and ready for the next season? This excellent video tutorial will give you some ideas.