Classic Lighting Setups That Every Photographer Should Know

There are many ways to light a subject, both complex and simplistic, and while you might be always tempted to go for the most complicated setups, knowing the classics is important too. Classic lighting is classic for a reason and you may find yourself using it more often than you expect.

Who Makes the Best 50mm Lens: Canon, Nikon, or Sony?

50mm lenses are a peculiar bunch, as you can spend anywhere from under $100 to well over $2,000 depending on the sort of parameters, performance, and image quality you are looking for. Canon, Nikon, and Sony all make 50mm f/1.2 lenses as their premium options, and this excellent video comparison takes a look at all three to see which comes out on top.

Your Biggest Enemies in Landscape Photography

They hold you down in landscape photography, they bring you to make wrong decisions out in the field, they make you blind for finding compositions, and they even kill your creativity. Knowing about them and avoiding them makes you a better photographer.

When Should You Upgrade to a 'Professional' Camera?

If you are new to photography or are wondering whether you ought to take your photography more seriously, you may be debating an upgrade to a higher spec camera. But, when is that the right move?

Fujifilm GFX 50S II Versus GFX 100S: Which is Right for You?

The Fujifilm GFX range has some stunning cameras in it and in the last few years, several more have been added. However, their two newest additions come at two different price points, so which is right for you?

Is AI Technology the Future for Photographers?

As photographers, we are always looking for ways to improve our craft and stay ahead of the curve. With new technology emerging every day, it can be difficult to know what is worth investing in and what will become obsolete in a few months. In this short article, we will explore the potential of AI technology and how it could benefit photographers in the future.

Canon Confirms It Is Done Making Flagship DSLRs

In a bit of news that is important, though not particularly surprising, Canon has confirmed that the 1D X Mark III will be the company's last flagship DSLR, with forthcoming top-of-the-line models being exclusively mirrorless options.

How to Choose the Best Camera Gear as a Beginner Photographer

Buying new camera gear can be very exciting, but it can also drain your bank account rather quickly if you are not careful about it. If you are a newer photographer and wondering how to find the right gear for yourself without overspending, this helpful video tutorial will run you through the options and their pros and cons.

Seven Things for Beginning Photographers to Practice

Learning photography and trying to create better photographs can be a daunting task when you're just starting. Here are some guidelines I've taught in my workshops to help new photographers create stronger images.

The Fundamentals of Setting Up a Photography Business

Simply put: mastering lighting, camera settings, and editing is, of course, crucial to becoming a financially successful photographer, but it is not enough. If you want to find success with your photography business, you also have to know how to properly run a business. This excellent video tutorial will run you through the basics of that to help you ensure you give yourself the best chances of getting it right.

A Full Tutorial on Retouching and Color Grading a Portrait in Photoshop

Knowing how to light, pose, and shoot a good portrait is only half the battle; you also need to be able to edit your images to produce a fully finished and compelling final product. If you are new to portraiture and looking to improve your work, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you a full image edit, including retouching, dodging and burning, color grading, and more.

How a Telephoto Lens Can Help Your Landscape Photography

If you were to ask any landscape photographer what their primary workhorse lens was, the overwhelming majority would likely name something like a 16-35mm. No doubt, wide angle lenses are popular in the genre for good reason, but they are not the only suitable choice for landscape work. This great video will show you some of the possibilities of a telephoto lens and why it can sometimes be a better choice.

How to Say Something With Your Street Photography

A street photographer’s task is to observe the mundane human interactions that take place throughout the day and turn them into something worthy of being preserved and shared through photography. This is not an easy task.

Try Out This Challenge to Improve Your Landscape Photo Compositions

One of the most challenging aspects of landscape photography is composition, as unlike most other genres, you do not get any control over the elements in the scene, only where you place your camera and how you frame them. If you are looking to improve your compositions, check out this great video tutorial that will show an interesting challenge as well as some useful tips.

Fstoppers Reviews the Sundisc Softbox

When is a softbox not a softbox? When it's a Sundisc. Here's a long-term review of a multi-talented light modifier that packs down to the size of a pack of small tortillas.

Could You Live Without This 'Boring' Lens?

Some lenses are naturally exciting, the sort that inspire and excite you to go out and create images. Others are more pragmatic workhorses, and it can be easy to be tricked into thinking you can get away without them, especially when you have something like a bokeh monster in your bag. This interesting video examines one photographer's journey away from and back to an uninspiring but highly useful lens.

A Look at the Fujifilm GFX 100S Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

Few recent cameras have had a more profound impact on the hierarchy of consumer options than the Fujifilm GFX medium format series of mirrorless cameras. Perhaps the most interesting of all is the GFX 100S, offering Fuji's best sensor at a price that competes with top-level full frame options, and this great video takes a look at its image quality and performance.

10 Helpful Tips for Beginner Photographers

When you are new to photography, it can be a lot to try to learn and master every technique and develop a creative voice all at the same time. If you are working on getting your footing and need a bump in the right direction, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you 10 great tips for improving your photography.

Can the Cheapest MacBook Pro Keep Up With Professional Demands?

Apple's M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros are mightily impressive, but their prices can grow quite quickly as you add more features and capabilities, with the top model tipping the scales at over $6,000. On the other hand, the base model comes in at less than half that price. Can it keep up with the demands of professional photographers and filmmakers, though? This great video review puts it through the paces to find out.

How This Rarely Used Photoshop Blending Mode Can Give Your Images More Pop

Photoshop has a huge range of blending modes — almost 30, in fact — but the majority of photographers go their entire careers using only about six of them most of the time. One of the rarer blending modes is color dodge, and though you will not use it every day, this helpful video tutorial will show you a specific and nifty application for it that can give your images a bit more pop.

A Review of the Affordable Viltrox AF 24mm f/1.8 Lens

24mm is a useful and popular focal length, offering a noticeably wide angle of view without a lot of the distortion that starts to creep in as you go wider. Viltrox offers the AF 24mm f/1.8, which brings with it a wide maximum aperture and autofocus capabilities at an affordable price, and this excellent video review takes a look at the performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

Behind the Scenes Photographing the Horsehead Nebula

Astrophotography has always fascinated me, as the thought of capturing objects that are such unfathomable distances from Earth just blows my mind. This great video goes behind the scenes to show you the process of shooting one of the most well-known objects in the night sky and the sort of technique and effort that goes into producing a memorable image.