The Next Generation of Fstoppers
This week we are featuring a few standout BTS videos created by our readers for the Fstoppers Behind the Scenes Contest ending this Saturday. If you want to see all of the submissions jump on over to the forum and see how the competition is shaping up. In the meantime, you have to check out what Parker Smith and his [jr]high school friends created for the contest. While the photography itself is nothing ground breaking, seeing young photographers like Luke and Trent work with other teenagers is nothing short of inspiring. It just goes to show what a little initiative and some creativity can do.

BTS - Poolside Photo Shoot from Parker Smith on Vimeo.

The Wednesday Rundown 7.28.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. I hope y'all are putting the final touches on those BTS videos for the contest. The deadline is very close. We have a great wedding shoot video, done on the beach in Alabama. Some great final images through out the video. We are also starting up a photo of the day group on flickr, check out the forum for details. Send in some links to some great BTS videos.

Do You Want To Be a Man?
On the heals of Isaiah Mustafa, we were sent this already viral video on a parody of the old spice commercial for the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU. Unfortunately, Old Spice does not film behind the scenes videos of their commercials so you are left only hearing about how it was shot after the fact (which is great nevertheless). Watch this fun video by Stephen Jones and Scott Winn over at on how they created a spoof of the original for their alma mater. Click the full post to watch the full version; it's almost as good as the Old Spice versions.

Fstoppers Welcomes Klaus!
This week we are going to be featuring some of our favorite BTS videos submitted to our Behind the Scenes Contest that ends this Saturday! When this video from photographer Klaus (if he really even is a photographer) was posted on our Forum, it sparked up a lot of dialog. It may not be the most complicated photoshoot or even the most educational but it is the most fun and entertaining photoshoot of all of the contest entries. Photography and photographers need a sense of humor and this video accomplishes just that. Hope you guys enjoy and make sure you have your videos completed and posted by Saturday night!

Contest Entry: Amber Williams Shoots Infrared
This is going to be a busy week for FS. The contest submissions are starting to pour in because the deadline is only 6 days away. We are going to try to bring you at least one professional BTSV and at one contest submission every day. For her contest submission, Amber Williams teaches us about infrared photography (something I knew nothing about). Amber did a fantastic job of keeping the video interesting and informational. I'm just excited that there are some some cute female Fstoppers out there. Show Amber some love in the comment box below.

Michael Muller Photographs Speedo
I guess this has become Speedo Week on Fstoppers! I recently discovered the photography of Michael Muller and must have spent a good hour on his website checking out all sorts of amazing photography! He has recently been working with Speedo for their summer catalog, and the production that goes into these shoots is insane. Click the post for a second video showcasing some BTS material from this shoot and be sure to check out Michael's website for all sorts of inspiring photography.

Contest Submission: Benjamin "Von Wong" Shoots Zombies
Benjamin "Von Wong" just submitted his BTS contest entry that was shot by Eric Bindman. This is our first large production entry and is defiantly an inspiring watch. The pictures can be seen here and I must say, they are quite stunning. I think Benjamin may have easily won this contest if he had given more technical detail about the shoot itself but hey, I am not going to be the judge. Please remember to give Ben some feedback by commenting below, he made this video to help all of us.

Walk Across America
Jeff Calbom just sent this amazing video over to us. This group of guys decides to travel across the US in 14 days while creating one of the most complicated stop motion videos I've ever seen. Nothing will ever be more complicated than this stop motion video though. You can view the BTSV below and the final product in the full post.

Marty Martin Creates Supernova
The BTSV for this music video isn't very technical and normally I wouldn't post it but the final product is so good that I made an exception. Watch the music video below first and then try to guess how they filmed it, then check out the BTS in the full post. I was shocked when I saw the simplicity of the shoot.

Aerial Photography By Mark Watson
Mark Watson is an 'extreme sports photographer' and in this video he has teamed up with Red Bull hanglider Jon Durand to produce some amazing photos as well as video. The idea was to mount a D300s camera to his hang glider to shoot both video and still shots while he sails through the Morning Glory cloud. The results are absolutely stunning! I hope Nikon includes the remote video hack described in this video in their next series of cameras. UPDATE: Mark shares more info about this shoot in the FULL POST!

Mark Watson takes on the Red Bull Glorious Days Project - Nikon D300S from My Nikon Life on Vimeo.

Zach Andrews And Corinne Alexandra Have My Back
As you all know The iPhone Fashion Shoot created a heated debate on the internet. I responded to all of the haters but according to my scientific tests, 95% of internet trolls are illiterate so they never read it. I have been getting tons of emails from people who want me to do the shoot again with only lights from Lowes but I am not really interested. The shoot was fun to do once, I proved my point, and I don't want to be known as "the iPhone photographer" so I am going back to only using my camera phone to take pictures of my drunk friends. Thankfully there are others out there that have my back. Zach Andrews and Corinne Alexandra created a quick video in which they take a beautiful portrait with a lamp, a window, a sheet, and a point and shoot. Once again talent trumps gear. Photoshoot for DIY-ers from Zach Andrews on Vimeo.

Speedo Outlines A Complete Ad Campaign
I'm always interested in underwater photoshoots because I've failed miserably trying to do my own underwater shoots in the past. I was happy when I came across this video created by Speedo where they show you exactly how they came up for their new 2010 print ad campaign. It's a shame they don't showcase photographer Martin Brent more than they do but they do a great job showing how the idea was first created and the process of going from idea to final rendering.

The Wednesday Rundown 7.21.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. I finally booked and shot my first gig on my own. Yeah! I am a pro now right? Honestly everything in life is a learning experience and this shoot only brought up more questions. Check out my post on the forum on vintage effects on wedding photography. I would love to hear your feed back! We have some videos showing how to create the vintage effect from scratch and even one with Lindsay Lohan.

Contest Entry: Rydell Belles (Who Needs Video Gear?)
Nathan Smith and Chris David had a shoot lined up with the Rydell Belles, a local roller Derby team. Nathan didn't have a video camera or professional editing software but he managed to create a BTS video anyway. The final images may not blow your mind but the video should be a huge inspiration because Nathan created this with his iPhone 3gs and iMovie. Half way through this thing I realized that I was captivated by a totally informative video with no audio and terrible video quality. This is a great example of how good editing can make up for a lack of gear. Great job guys.

Storytelling From the Swamp!
Scott Holstein sent us this video a while back and it must have gotten lost in our email (thanks iphone fans). Being from Tallahassee, Florida, Scott decided to use the swamp as his backdrop. He also came up with a cleaver way to light up little lanterns used in the shoot. Maybe I'm the only one, but I'd be a little scared of getting eaten alive or being bit by something hiding in those country swamps!

Who Is Waiting Until The Last Minute?
We are currently in the middle of a contest where we are giving away a Canon 7D or Nikon D300s to the creator of the best behind the scenes video. So far we have not had very many submissions but I keep talking to people who tell me that they are still editing their video but it will be in by the deadline (August 1). How many people are waiting until the last minute? You now have exactly 2 weeks to finish. If you are planning to submit a contest entry please leave a comment below with a little info about the type of video you are creating.

Sam Nicholson's Short Film "World Cup"
As a photographer, I really enjoy seeing how the film guys approach their filming and there is no better way to learn than to watch behind the scenes of some larger productions. Check out what Sam Nicholson and his team of videographers did with the new ARRI Alexa Camera in their short film called "World Cup". Click the full post to see the final product.

Mark Romanek Gives Commentary On NIN's Closer Video
Mark Romanek is one of the all time greatest music video producers. His vision for Nine Inch Nail's Closer video created a lot of controversy back when it was released in 1994 but now lives on as one of the greatest music videos of all time. I can still recall the first time I saw this on MTv and how it made me feel. Check out this long behind the scenes video of Mark and Trent Reznor talking about the concept for the video as they work towards filming something that had really never been done at the time.

NIN: The Making of the "Closer" Video from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Who Gets Excited About Wedding Photography?
Most photographers get sick to their stomach when they hear the term "wedding photography" but I actually perk up when I hear someone speaking about it. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a iPhone fashion photographer, I am actually a full time wedding photographer. In fact, Patrick Hall (the other founder of Fstoppers) is as well. Of course we both shoot commercial work too, but our true expertise is weddings. To get rolling we knew that we would have to create a lot of the videos ourselves but we didn't want to start off with weddings because we figured that most photographers wouldn't be very interested. Now that Fstoppers has grown considerably it is time for me to ask; Do you want to see behind the scenes wedding videos? We will definitely make these videos eventually but we want to have a solid community of wedding photographers first. If you are a wedding photographer please post your website/work in this forum post so that we can all learn from each other. Do you want to see wedding BTS videos?customer surveys

Cole Barash Shoots Sports Silhouette's
It's rare that I watch a BTS video that gets me all excited but Cole Barash has done it. This video reminds me of what Fstoppers is all about because I am once again inspired. When you think that it has all been done before it's nice to be reminded how wrong you are. Check out the final shots from this fantastic shoot here. Please remember to comment below and give this photographer some love.