HDR in Lightroom and Photoshop

Postproduction for photographs, in our digital age, seems to be a never ending topic particularly since cameras and choices of software are always improving with ever better capabilities. When taking digital negatives and processing them for a completed product, techniques like high dynamic range processing can allow for more creative control of an image, which is precisely what this tutorial covers.

Ten Gear Suggestions for Beginner Filmmakers

One of the most frequent types of questions I see on social media is about gear or gear recommendations. For the most part, photographers and videographers who are relatively new to the industry tend to ask about what gear they should or shouldn't buy. I think it's always better to ask than spend money on something that may end up being a waste.

Critique the Community Repetition

Submit you best images featuring repetition for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.

Our next episode of Critique the Community will feature a fairly subjective topic. We invite you to submit your best images that give a sense of "repetition." 

Closed for new submissions. Voting is open.