The Wednesday Rundown 3.31.10

Hello this is Jerrit Pruyn from Fstoppers with.... you guessed it, another Wednesday Rundown. While Patrick and Lee are out in Colorado filming another Fstoppers Original, I figured I'd feature some of the best videos sent in by our readers. This week we have a little salsa dancing going on and even some muscle cars burning out. Big thanks to the people at Wonderful Machine and the videos they rounded up online. Keep sending in your video links to and maybe next week you will find yourself on Fstoppers! Drop me some comments if you like what you see and remember to tell your friends to start filming all their photoshoots so I can post them.

Film VS DSLR Video
Many of you have already seen this but if you haven't you should check it out. Zacuto (the company that makes add-ons for DSLR video) has put together the most extensive video quality test I have ever seen. You can check out this weeks video at . Below is just a trailer since the full video is not able to be embedded any longer

Alexx Henry Revisted
Alexx Henry raises the bar again with his latest magazine motion cover for release with the Apple ipad. It is not standard practice for Fstoppers to highlight two videos back to back but this was too good to pass up. Click the post to see how this was created and shot.

The Wednesday Rundown 3.24.10

Howdy this is Jerrit again with another Wednesday Rundown. With such a great weekend spent in central park I cannot wait to get through this week. This week we have a photo shoot that proves you do not need to be a good skateboarder to get some wicked boarding shots. We also have a shoot with football great Colt McCoy. Keep sending in behind the scene shoots that you find .

Christopher Lynch Shoots The Satellite Nation
Before launched I was in NYC at a scuba store preparing for my trip to Belize. I was talking to the store owner about underwater photography and Christopher Lynch walked up and joined in the conversation. Chris explained that he was a professional commercial shooter and after some great advice he gave me his card and went on his way. I went to his website later that night and found some fantastic behind the scenes footage. I have a hard time setting up shoots in small towns, he does it on the streets of Manhattan.

Glen Bowden Shoots Amanda Klaassen For Veve Swimwear
In this Video Glen Bowden knocks his Veve photoshoot out of the park. The video itself isn't extremely technical but it doesn't need to be because most of his shots were done completely with natural light! View the full post to read a message from Glen himself. View the finished shots at his website:

Behind the Scenes footage of the Veve Swimwear photoshoot from Glen Bowden on Vimeo.

The Wednesday Rundown 3.17.10

Hello it is Jerrit again and welcome back to another Wednesday Rundown. Where I post videos that the crowd at Fstoppers sent in to us. I pick my favorite videos of the week and slap them up in the middle of the week. This week we have a great portrait sunset photo shoot from Simeon Sen, and even a shoot from a non profit.