[Behind The Scenes] How To Photograph Birds of Prey In The Studio

Photographing birds out in the wild seems pretty tough. Oregon photographer Jon Myers wanted to make the challenge even tougher by bringing the birds into his studio. Using large softboxes to create a space for the birds to fly, Jon was able to photograph eagles, ospreys, and hawks perfectly while in flight. The shots are spectacular, and if you click the full post you can see them shot against grey as well.

[Pics] Flickr Spotlight - Underwater Wrecks

Underwater photography is a kind-of-rare form of photography. Its way less accessible for most of us, as most of us cant afford the super expensive DSLR underwater housing, and Intagram will probably fail in this mission as well. Most of underwater shots we get to see are of nice looking fish, or a cool coral reef - but this time we're bringing you something even cooler - the best underwater shots of sunken wrecks: ships, planes and cars.

[Review] The Brand New Really Right Stuff Pocket Pod

When I caught wind that the tripod masters at Really Right Stuff were about to release a new product, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I love new gear. Because it had not even finished final production yet, they unfortunately could not send me a brand new one in time to satisfy my desire to see it. However, they didn't want to disappoint and instead sent me the prototype! Score! Let’s take a look at the TFA-01 Pocket Pod.

[Video] How To Color Grade Video In Photoshop, Aperture, or Lightroom

If you are like me, you feel pretty confident editing images in Photoshop, Aperture, or Lightroom. If you have ever tried to do similar edits for your video in Premiere or Final Cut, you know how frustrating it can be. It seems like these video programs don't have all of the necessary tools and they don't seem to work as well as photo editing software. If you don't mind a couple extra steps, you can easily edit your videos just like a still photograph in the program of your choice.

The Wednesday Rundown 5.9.12

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. 8 Bit Digital TV sent in a great video on how to key a green screen in After Effects. They do a great job showing the best way to approach this. Also check out the behind the scenes of The World Underneath, and see the amazing work from Graham Eaton. If you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email jerrit@fstoppers.com .

[Review] Polamatic, the Polaroid for your iPhone

For many of us, Polaroid cameras hold a special place in our hearts. What started as the original instant camera evolved into an art form beloved by hipsters and pro photographers alike. Polaroid has struggled lately, as digital photography has forced the instant photo classic out onto the fringes. App developer Appadana licensed the Polaroid name to build an iOS version of their cult classic camera and make it modern. The result: Polamatic.

[Rare Lens] $160,000 Nikkor 6mm 2.8 Fisheye Can See Behind You

It's not everyday that you get to see a rare 1970s Nikkor 6mm Fisheye lens. It's even more unlikely that you get to see one mounted to the rare Nikon D800 DSLR body! The guys at Grays of Westinster mounted the two elusive beasts to show how insane it is to have a 220º angle of view. If you have $160,000 saved up, and need to see behind you as you shoot, it might be worth picking up one of these rare lenses. Now where are those full res D800 files so everyone can complain about purple fringing?

Youness Valo Bouslame Shoots Paper Dresses

Check out this fashion shoot from photographer Youness Val Bouslame who shot a very interesting paper dress using only a single beauty dish. I love how the video gives you a side by side look at the shooting of the image and the final image. Definitely a simple lighting set up and some beautiful results.

Pieter Hugo's "The Hyena and Other Men"

This is a beautiful series of images by photographer Pieter Hugo, shot over a period of two years on the outskirts of shantytowns in Nigeria. These images show men and young children with wild animals such as hyenas and monkeys that have been trained to perform, often acting as the sole source of income for these families.

[Pics] Beautiful Circle Landscapes of Ireland by Marco Suarez

Check out this beautiful series of images by South Carolina-based photographer Marco Suarez. I'm sure these Irish landscapes would probably be just as great in a normal crop. But the circles add something nice to the composition. It's not something I see too often, and I think it's very appropriately used in this case. They have a nice mood to them, and I'm more drawn to slightly desaturated landscapes.

[Cheap Deal] Godox Battery Pack For Camera Flash

It's 3pm. Outside it is humid, blazing hot, the ambient light is reading f32, and your bride wants portraits taken now....all you have on you are your speedlights. If you are a wedding photographer, you probably have found yourself in a familiar situation. Even if you have enough power to balance your shots with 1 or 2 speedlights, your flash's refresh rate becomes a major kink in getting photos taken quickly. Having one of these power packs might just save your day.

 [Gear] New iPhone App Is DSLR Remote Unlike Any Other

UK Company Triggertrap have been making camera triggers for some time now, and recently released an iOS app that offers remote control of many DSLRs, in addition to control the iOS camera itself. Unlike other remote apps available though, the Triggertrap Mobile can be triggered by things like sound, vibration, and facial recognition. Other notable features include eased timelapses that create a ramped-up speed effect over time, distance-lapses, and doing HDR captures.

[Review] Lightroom 4 Tutorials DVD Guide by SLR Lounge

It’s rare these days to find a product that is so well rounded that it can appeal to an entire market of users. Especially in photography, it is not uncommon to find products that claim to be designed “for beginning to advanced users” but suffer greatly from the attempt to spread out over such a vast range. SLR Lounge's Lightroom DVD is advertised to be an A-Z Lightroom mastery experience, so does it live up to it's claim?

Michael Kloth Takes Emotionally Engaging Portraits Of Sheltered Cats To Help Adoption

Arizona based photographer, Michael Kloth, started taking photos of sheltered cats in hopes to get them adopted by showing their personalities. “My experience has been that quality photography is the first step in marketing these furry works of art to potential adopters. It is my hope that I can use these local animals as a voice for the millions of homeless animals nation and worldwide."

[Gear] The Staggering 3-Ton, 3.2 Gigapixel Camera

Imagine the storage you would need to shoot with a 3.2 billion pixel camera. With 189 image sensors, and weighing 3 tons - this will be the world's largest digital camera. It's called the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) and is being engineered by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The goal of the project is to “capture the widest, fastest and deepest view of the night sky ever observed." They are looking to the LSST to learn more about

[Video] Ten Awesome Tips For Any Traveling Photographer

If you read Fstoppers, you might be a seasoned professional, or you might have just purchased your first camera and are eager to learn. Whatever your skill level, I'm sure that you've all been bitten by the travel bug at least once before, and as a camera owner, you've been inspired to bring home the best you can when shooting in a foreign location. A friend of mine recently sent me a video made by DSLR Traveler which is packed full of tips for anyone interested in improving their travel photography.

Famous Photographer's Mirror Portraits

If you take a glance at facebook or any other social media site you're bound to come across the dreaded "Mirror Portrait", mostly it's just a bunch of 15 year olds holding their cell phones up so they're far from dignified. That being said though, I was surprised to know that some of the most famous photographers around have taken their own version of this all to common shot. They're a little more interesting though than your standard mirror picture though.