See NYC Days and Nights Combined into One Glorious Frame

Every now and then a cool photo series makes the rounds on the internet and it's hard to miss. But because I like to play it safe and Stephen Wilkes's "Day and Night" exhibit is too awesome to miss I had to post it. Stephen spends no less than 10 hours shooting each New York City landmark until he captures the perspectives of both day and night, to be combined into a single frame. The results are inside.

Photographer or Terrorist?  Photographers' Rights Under Fire Again
It should not be shocking to hear another story about a police officer wrongly accusing a photographer of breaking the law. These stories have become pretty common place lately. However, recently police in Long Beach California have been reprimanding individuals who have been caught photographing locations with no apparent aesthetic value. Back in June, Long Beach Post contributor Sander Roscoe Wolff was detained after photographing a refinery on North Long Beach. Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell has publicly stated that his officers have the responsibility to detain photographers who are not engaging in "regular tourist behavior". This story is an unfortunate consequence of the post homeland security world we live in and probably will not be the last infringement on individuals' rights. To read more about this story, head over to the original article on the Long Beach Post.

New HTML Photography Websites Worth Checking Out
If you have followed Fstoppers for any amount of time, you know we are big advocates of photographers having great looking websites. Most photographers love the look of a flash site but more and more companies are starting to offer both flash and HTML versions of their sites. Creative Motion Design has been hard at work creating flashy looking websites that are coded in HTML so your potential clients can check out your work while browsing on their mobile devices and tablet computers. This week CMD released their first fully customizable HTML websites Rosie and Ethan with more designs coming out throughout the rest of 2011. I love the look of Ethan, and the prices on these sites are reasonable especially since CMD's customer service is leagues above many other website design companies. As soon as Lee and I have some free time, we are planning on converting our sites so they load up easier for potential clients.

Beauty Retouching Part 3 - Detail Enhancement: An FS PPT by Sean Armenta
Hello Fstoppers! My name is Sean Armenta, and this is my little spot on Fstoppers called The Post Production Tutorial. If you enjoy these videos, feel free to subscribe to my new Fstoppers PPT Youtube Channel for the latest updates. Feel free to connect with me on the right side bar and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about retouching. This week we have part three of my Beauty Retouching Workflow mini-series. We will be enhancing the eyes and I will walk you through how I work with Imagenomic's Portraiture plugin. As always, thank you for your continued support and encouragement! Be sure to drop by my Prep To Post workshop website at for even more information on photography, lighting, and retouching. I have a Beauty Editorial Workshop coming up in Washington, DC on August 26th, one in Hawaii in mid-October, and another event planned for the Philippines in late November.

How To Light An Interview On A Budget
If you are planning a behind the scenes video for our 2011 photo contest, you probably also need to setup an interesting interview segment to explain the details of your photoshoot. Most photographers spend a lot of money on their flash equipment but often don't have much in the way of constant lights. The guys over at SLRlounge have come up with a great BTS video on how you can create an interesting interview set on a budget. In this video, Pye Jirsa used basic work lights mixed with natural ambient light. In our contest video we either shot completely natural light or mixed in some of these inexpensive LED lights to make it a little more interesting. Taking a little bit of time to make your interview footage look good always goes a long way and is often just as fun designing as the actual photoshoot itself.

How To Deal With Manual Focus And Your Super Shallow DOF
It's really exciting that every new DSLR now takes amazing, cinema quality HD video. One of the main reason it looks so different from video cameras of the past is the super shallow depth of field that large sensor sizes produce. It looks really cool BUT you will have to learn to manually focus the camera just like they have to do with movie cameras. If you are looking for a great tutorial on the basics check out the BTSV by Still Motion below.

The Art of Sports Photography: Shooting the Olympics with Adam Pretty
Adam Pretty has taken sports photography to an absolute art. The Australian photographer has a unique ability to think outside the box (or viewfinder) and push the limits of conventional sports images, and his portfolio is filled with photographs that are equally suitable for the cover of a sports magazine or a contemporary art museum. Pretty, with Getty Images since 1998, has photographed the last five Olympic Games, as well as shooting assignments worldwide for Sports Illustrated, Life Magazine, Time Magazine and Harpers Bazaar. Pretty took a moment out of his frenetic schedule to chat with Fstoppers on shooting the Olympics, creating a great image, and his recent shift to advertising photography.

Product Photography: How To Photograph A Beer Advertisement
Photographer Scott Bourke gives us a complete overview of how he took a fantastic product shot of a few bottles of beer. Scott uses a single flash and 4 reflectors to create a very professional looking image that any photographer (no matter how little gear they have) is capable of creating. As I have always said, photography is all about good lighting and good lighting does not mean expensive lighting. Let's hope that Scott is going to enter our BTSV contest. Check out the full post for the final image and a BTS diagram.

Splicing Family Genetics Together with a Camera

Once again I find myself impressed and vexed all at the same time. When am I going to produce a creative body of work like Croix Gagnon and Frank Schott's "12:31" or something as intriguing as Ulric Collette's "Genetic Portraits" where he virtually, splices family members together? The genetic similarities between family members allowed Ulric to create a portraits that almost look like normal people when together.

Extreme Photography Is Not For The Faint Of Heart
A few weeks ago Reese Moore interviewed Jimmy Chin for her column the Fstoppers Spotlight. Her Fstoppers interview revealed a lot about what makes Mr. Chin put himself in harms way as he climbs, rappels, and base jumps from assignment to assignment. In this behind the scenes video, Jimmy talks about the changing culture taking place within the sport of extreme rock climbing. He and his fellow climbers explore Yosemite National Park as he captures images for National Geographic. I dabble in climbing and think base jumping would be a huge thrill but I'm not sure I would ever have the guts to even hang with Jimmy for one day if this is his typical photoshoot. Check out 2:40 for some interesting off camera lighting while climbing!

On Assignment from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.

Wedding Photography:  How Jasmine Star Photographs Preparation Shots
It's no secret that Lee and I started our photography careers as wedding photographers. Regardless of what anyone says, photographing weddings is an excellent way to sharpen your photography skills since there are so many different types of shots you can plan throughout the day (and make a great living doing it). Usually when you first arrive at a wedding, the first photos your client will probably want you to capture are detail and candid getting ready shots. Superstar wedding photographer Jasmine Star recently released a great video outlining how she approaches these must have shots. If you are a guy then it's probably great advice hearing this from a female perspective so you know what's important to capture. And if Jasmine is reading, what's up with stealing our backgound?

Fstoppers BTS Contest Entry: Small World
We are two weeks into our 2011 BTS contest and the entries are starting to trickle in. I just watched Robert Simpson's video called "Small World" and I was really impressed with the results. Robert used a D70 and kit lens in conjunction with some pretty interesting Photoshop techniques to create a very unique looking image. To keep an eye on all of the contest entries as they come in you can check out the the contest section on our forum.

This Page Not Found Gets Quite Ugly
One of the unfortunate problems with running a website is you are inevitably going to send traffic to a misdirected URL or even worse a page that flat out doesn't exist. You are probably used to seeing pages that look something like this. Well the guys over at came up with a funny little way to track down their own 404 pages and fix the issue or flat out take them down. Check out the final video below and hit the full post to see some BTS on how the guys conceptualized the scenes. If you really enjoy this sort of thing then you will find some really helpful tips about color grading, after effects, and detailed production notes over at the 404 process page. Who knew it was so violent behind each of our websites?

Nosh: 404 from Firespotter Labs on Vimeo.

How To Choose The Correct Softbox For Each Picture
last week Jay P Morgan showed us exactly what softboxes do to light sources. Each softbox shape can be used to create a unique look and in the video below Jay shows us how he chooses the correct size to light a specific shot. Keep in mind that if you don't have enough money to buy multiple sofboxes, you can change the relative size of a single box by moving it closer or further away from your subject.

The History Of Video Games In A Single Take
Being a child of 80s and having lived through all of the video game consoles, I really got a kick out of this evolution of games video. Figuring out a clever way to film a scene can be daunting at the least but building an entire video around a single frame can be even tougher. Joe Penna aka MysteryGuitarMan and his friends came together to produce a collaborative video showcasing different video games through the years. It's creativity like this that we are looking for in your own BTS videos. Click the full post to see the final video.

Photographing Great Whites: Thomas Peschak Shoots To Save The Planet
Marine biologist and underwater photojournalist Thomas Peschak is a man on the move. The near-nomadic photographer spends over 300 days a year on the road, creating photographs that inspire viewers while focusing on very serious environmental issues, including kelp forest ecology, shark conservation, and the impacts of illegal fishing. Peschak is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, a contributor to National Geographic magazine, and was recently named as one of the 40 most influential nature photographers in the world. He catches up with Fstoppers to talk about swimming with great whites, the power of photography as a conversation tool, and his most controversial photograph.

Photoshop Tips For Moving Car Photography
This week over on the Fstoppers Forum there has been some pretty interesting posts. One that grabbed my attention was made by user Evolize Photog who showed how he photographs luxury cars in motion. In this video Evolize shows how he photoshopped his suction cupped boom arm out of a Lamborghini Gallardo hero shot. This should be great inspiration for our behind the scenes contest we are running the rest of this year. I'm sure a lot of you are like me and have questions about mounting a boom arm, triggering the camera, and positioning the camera for the best angle. These are some of the topics you should consider when making your own BTS video in the future. Do we have any other automotive photographers here on Fstoppers?

Zacuto Camera Shootout:  Which Cameras Perform The Best At Video
Have you ever wondered how DSLR cameras match up when compared to film and high end HD video cameras? Last year, Zacuto brought together some of the biggest names in the movie industry to see how well the first round of video capable DSLRs compared to the industry's standard film and HD video cameras in The Great Camera Shoot Out of 2010. This year they have started another series which compares some of the top cameras including 35mm Kodak 5213/5219, Arri Alexa, Red One M-X, Phantom Flex, Sony F3, Panasonic AF100, Canon 1D Mark IV, and Nikon D7000 (where is the D3s?), and a bunch of other professional video cameras. The Great Camera Shootout is a must watch if you are a gearhead or simply enjoy seeing how well the current crop of DSLR cameras are at video. It's pretty amazing to see the consumer Nikon D7000 holds its own against such a competitive group; I can only imagine what the next crop of Nikon cameras is going to do! Check out the trailer below and hit the full post for the first episode that outlines exactly what sort of tests Zacuto is going to run.

Win FREE GEAR on Flickr!
Hey everyone, the Fstoppers Flickr contest for August, 2011 is in full swing HERE. This month you can win a Lowepro Fastpack 250 bakpack. This is my bag of choice, I use it almost daily. It fits my Nikon D3s with the Nikon 70-200 VRII in the main bottom compartment, my SB-900 with it's battery pack and Nikon 24-70 up in the top compartment. PLUS I store my 13" MacBook Pro in the laptop compartment (although it'll fit up to a 17" laptop). This bag is solid and I LOVE it, and it fits a bunch more, but enough talk about the bag ... GO HERE and WIN IT! This month's theme is WONDER

The Wednesday Rundown 8.10.11
Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week I found a great BTS video of a mock Macbook Air commercial. The team behind the video had some creative ways to really make this concept come to life. It Check it out and the final cut of the video! If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Working As A Steadicam Operator Might Be The Toughest Job On Television
Working and operating a Steadicam is tough work. The most ridiculously awesome steadicam shot ever probably proved that without a shadow of a doubt, but we have even more proof! The following video follows steadicam superhero Niclas Närwall as he captures shot after shot on the set of Let's Dance. If you've ever been on a set with one of these guys you know how much stress goes into their whole bodies over the course of a full day (buying them beers afterwards is a given). At least Karsten Jacobsen had a Segway to help give his legs a break! Some of these shots are pretty remarkable and some might go a bit overboard with the floating camera effect. What do you guys think; what is your favorite shot?

How Different Sized Softboxes Work Best For Your Portraits
Understanding how different sized softboxes work usually requires a bunch of tests or just good ole trial and error. Luckily photographer Jay P Morgan has done all the dirty work for you and shows how different sized Photoflex softboxes create unique spreads and quality of light. I find smaller softboxes are great for location portraits because of their compact size and soft yet edgy light. However you may prefer something larger depending on the specific look you are trying to achieve. If you enjoy Jay's videos, check out some of his older posts we have featured on Fstoppers.