Are You On Fstoppers Forum Yet?
We finally got our forum up and running and we hope that everyone that visits Fstoppers will also take part in the community we are trying to create. Patrick will be releasing a video soon that is directly related to the forum but until then I wanted to show you a little bit of what you are missing out on. College student Thomas Woodson has created a thread taking us through his car photography techniques. Want to know what gear he is using? A D40, 1 Vivitar flash, and a sheet. Check out the thread here. If you appreciate what we are trying to do at then please do both yourself and us a favor and take part in our new forum at

Pete Barrett Shoots A New Balance Ad (Update)
Here is a quick timelapse of one of Pete's latests commercial gigs. It is a bit difficult to see what he is exactly doing in terms of lighting but I am simply impressed by the complexity of this shoot. Look how many people are on the set! After you watch this video head over to his website and be prepared to be blown away. Check the full post to read a message from the photographer.

Behind the scenes on the New Balance photo shoot. from Pete Barrett on Vimeo.

Stillmotion:  If you don't know them, you should
Stillmotion is a group of photographers turned videographers whose work literally knocks me out everytime I see it. Watching their final products is sure to change your view of wedding photographers in general, and for me personally, they make me feel like I have no clue what I'm doing behind a camera. Check out this BTS of them working on a Trash the Dress session and click on the post to see what they can do with a full wedding. It's absolutely amazing!

||StillMotion||BehindTheScenes|| from Casey Warren | MIND CASTLE on Vimeo.

Nashville floods
Before moving to Charleston, I lived in Nashville. It's one of the most amazing places in the United States. I was just sent this video that really shows the level of devastation of the flooding. The video is pretty well edited and the footage is striking especially if you are familiar with the city. I have also setup a link to an awesome charity called MusiCares Nashville Flood Relief. The link goes to the link so you can be assured it's safe. Thanks guys for watching and I personally appreciate any help you guys can give.

How Did We Create Our Intro And Outro Logo Animations?
Patrick and I shoot and edit all of our videos but we had to hire someone to do the animation work (our intro and outro logos). That someone was Dan Dawley of Swell Motion Graphics. It took me about 2 months and about 30 terrible animators until I finally found Dan. He works fast (each animation in a matter of hours) and his prices were more than fair. Since he has worked for us we have become good friends and he actually came out to CO with us to help with the Dave Lehl snowboard video. If you need any motion graphics he is your man. His show reel is below and his newly launched website is

We Have 1000 Followers On Twitter: 7D/D300s Contest Is On The Way
I am happy to say that today we reached 1000 followers on Twitter and that means we can finally begin our contest. Please give us a few more days to film the video explaining all of the details of the contest. We cannot give out too much information yet but I will say that it has something to do with the best behind the scenes video. The exciting thing about this contest is that we may not have many entries because we aren't very big yet. This means that if you do decide to submit, you have a very good chance of winning. Get your creative juices flowing, this contest will be underway soon.

Fstoppers Original: King Street Studios Shoots Charleston Fashion Week
Last month Patrick and I had the unique opportunity to follow Todd and Reese of King Street Studios around as they shot Charleston Fashion Week. Not only did they get the standard runway shots, they also setup a small studio backstage and shot amazing portraits of the models right before they were rushed onto the runway. You are about to be blown away by what is possible with a single light.

The Wednesday Rundown 4.28.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Another week passing us by. This week we have a vespa shoot and a video sent to us by David on a rock shoot. Some nice images come out of this one. Big thanks David on the email. I have even found a quick video on paranormal spirit photography. Keep an eye out for the contest coming up for a Canon 7D or Nikon D300s. Keep sending in the videos we do check them out!