Photographer, Peter Alexander, Falls To His Death During London Fashion Week

We've heard unfortunate news that photographer, Peter Alexander, has died this past weekend during a Fashion Week party. It happened on Friday, September 14th, when Peter and his unnamed friend fell out of a 3rd story window. This incident occurred in Shoreditch, an area of Eastern London. Unfortunately, Peter did not make it. The friend, who was also a model in the industry, is currently in stable condition at the hospital.

Giuliano Bekor's Merchant 1948 BTS Photo Campaign

Giuliano Bekor is an amazing commercial and advertising photographer based out of Los Angeles. Recently he traveled down to Australia to produce a short editorial film for the clothing company Merchant 1948. The concept involves a set of short films based around the idea of models finding a ton of cash and avoiding the police by flying away in vintage airplanes. As ridiculous as that sounds, Giuliano's execution makes for a really entertaining editorial spread.

Hasselblad Reveals Plans for Mirrorless Camera in 2013

Rather playfully, Hasselblad's press release this morning stated "Hasselblad Plans Lunar Launch," which obviously did not make me instantly think "camera." And I don't think any of us would put a real lunar launch out of the realm of possibility for Hasselblad. But the truth is, Hasselblad has revealed plans for a new mirrorless camera called the Lunar that has plans for a 2013 release.

 Intensive Photoshop Workshop With Lesa Snider

If you weren't able to attend Photoshop World don't worry because creativeLIVE has teamed up with internationally acclaimed speaker and author of "Photoshop CS6: The Missing Manual", Lesa Snider. In this 3-day intensive workshop, Lesa will spend each day going over photoshop selections, adjustment layers, and smart objects. Lesa's workshop has already began however there are still 2 days left to tune in to her free-to-watch workshops.

Leica's New Medium Format DSLR

Leica's step into the medium format business was big -- it was expensive, but I think everyone appreciated a medium format, SLR-style camera not much different from your Nikon or Canon, except for the incredible quality. Today, we have news of the Leica S: the newest iteration of the DSLR line-up that follows the same simple lettering scheme as the Leica M announced earlier, replacing the S2.

Health In The Modeling World: Israel Passes Law to Ban Underweight Models

The future looks healthy within the modeling and fashion industry. More and more people want less retouching in general, people want to see change on the covers and on runways. We're seeing more being done to make health a priority in the modeling world. Recently, Israel took a step in banning underweight models. The definition of 'underweight' is having a BMI of under 18.5. Although this is just one country, we'll see trends like this progress more regularly as time goes on.

Lowepro Confirms the Rover Pro AW Series Bag

We leaked the photos earlier this afternoon, and not an hour later Lowepro officially announced the Rover Pro AW series bags. These two lightweight, technical backpacks are built for active outdoor professional and enthusiasts photographers who need a comfortable and supportive way to hike with heavy loads of equipment over long and varied terrain. Travel Photographer Michael Clark has already taken this horse through its paces and given it a clean bill of health.

Netflix Adds Documentary Depciting War At Its Most Terrible

Now available on Netflix, "Shooting Robert King" goes behind the scenes of what it was like to be a documentary war photographer. You always hear and see images from the war but NEVER about what it's like to be thrown into it as a documentary photographer. At just 24, American photojournalist Robert King began his 15 year journey to follow his passion. Originally he set out to win a Pulitzer prize, but in the end found himself with a life changing experience.

LEAKED: New Lowepro Extreme Travel Backpack Looks Wicked

Our sources have cued us in on the impending release of a new Lowepro DSLR travel bag called the Rover Pro AW, and from what we can see this thing looks pretty sweet. We anticipate two different sizes, the 45L and the 35L, which goes in line with what Lowepro has done in the past. It looks to be a mountain-climbing, hiking, and otherwise sporty outdoorsy bag that is tailored for that "rough-and-tumble" photographer.

Sample Video Footage from the Canon 6D

With the video capabilities of DSLRs constantly increasing, we have come to expect a lot from new releases. The Canon 6D doesn't disappoint. Much like the newest Nikon D800 you'll have more creative control over depth of field as well as full manual control over exposure and audio levels. Check this sample footage from the recently announced Canon 6D. Do you think it competes with the Canon 7D or the 5DMK III?

Rare Behind The Scenes Clip Of Iconic Scene From Raiders Of The Lost Ark

In this clip of an alternate take of the swordfight where Indi shoots the villian, we see the scene being choreographed in a compeltely different way than what went on to make the final film. Ironically enough, this scene is easily one of the most iconic segments from that series. This brings to mind all sorts of speculative questions; What was the original scene written to be? Why was it changed? Why was this version cut? Did Han Indi really shoot first?

Canon 6D Available for Pre Order

So you saw the 6D and loved it. I don't blame you, there is a lot to love. If you wanted more than your current crop-sensor camera, but couldn't see yourself using the 5D MK III, then maybe the 6D suddenly looked extremely appealing. Well you can get your order in now to make sure you get it on release day and have it in your hands before it sells out.

Fstoppers First Impressions of the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L II

When the original 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens came out, it quickly became the go-to, do everything lens of choice for almost every Canon photographer I knew. Yes, we all had our prime favorites, but if we needed a workhorse that we could rely upon to do-it-all or only had the space to bring one lens, we grabbed for our 24-70. The original is still considered to be an amazing lens, and it's no wonder that it's one of the toughest lenses to find used on the market. Needless to say, I am excited about the upgraded 24-70mm L II.

Canon Announces the Full Frame EOS 6D

Here it is Canon faithful: the Canon 6D! We've been hearing a lot about what this camera could be, the rumored specs, and the possible pricing for the past couple months, and that all became real this morning. The Canon 6D is packed with a whole lot to love, 20.2 megapixel, ISO range from 100-25600, Digic 5+, 11-point AF, and a 3-inch LCD all at a price that we were anticipating yesterday: $2099 USD.

Behind The Scenes... Gangnam Style!

This past week I have been bombarded with this poppy, silly and downright hilarious song. My co-workers play it nonstop, my two daughters won't stop singing along to it and the other night while at a local bar a group of very happy drunk people attempted to dance the signature pony-style dance. If you haven't seen South Korea's PSY's quirky 'Gangnam Style', then you must be living under an interweb rock.

Tether Tools Introduces Rock Solid Line

This is a great product for all you tethered shooters out there. Tether tools just introduced their new line of tablet and smartphone mounts for photographers, videographers and musicians. This is a collection of arms, brackets and clamps used to mount your iPads, iPhones, ect to view your tethered images easily and conveniently. You can purchase the parts seperatly to create your own custom mounts or purchase one of two kits priced at $86.89 and $240.85.