[Discussion] A Whole New Camera: Are Our Cameras Outmoded?
Designer Jean-michel Bonnemoy believes that a traditional camera's design is dictated by the need to hold a roll of film in the back. But with the advent of digital tech there is no longer a need to maintain a form factor that is inherently contrary to smarter ergonomics. Enter the D-CAN. What are your thoughts on this new camera design? Should we shake off the shackles of design's past? Do we even want to?

[BTSV] The Lies Behind the Lens:  Will You Shoot Anything for $?
Check out this clip from, "Bigger Faster Stronger", where photographer Rich Schaff explains how some companies hire him to take before and after photos on the same day, for misleading supplement advertisements. Is this why some photographers get into photography? Is this even legal? I mean, how far are you willing to go to make a buck? Please leave your comments, thoughts and rants in the full post. UPDATE: Looks like this video got pulled. Can't imagine why but that's ok, we found another source.

[BTS Video] Behind The Scenes with Portrait Photographer Fritz Liedtke
As an owner of a Lensbaby, I'm a big fan of what these lenses can do. In this video, Lensbaby goes behind the scenes to interview commercial and fine art photographer, Fritz Liedtke. Obviously there are other ways to get similar effects that Fritz shows us but by using the Lensbaby Composer Pro and the Edge 80 Optic, he is able to see it instantly and directly in the camera. Fritz is right when he says that having a couple of these lenses allows us to expand the possibilities for our work. Click the full post to watch the video.

[Pics] Wickedly Humorous Anthropomorphic Photography
Thanks to The Wired's Jakob Schiller for reminded me of one of photography's most creative, comedic and provocative shooters out there. I'm of course talking about sculptor and photographer Terry Border, who is well know for his "Bent Objects" anthropomorphic photography. Looking at Terry's photos will remind you of how you use to feel when you heard a wickedly dirty joke during your childhood. More inside.

[News] How Peter Hurley Shut Me Up (a lesson in jawlines)
Do you have have a lot of photographer friends? Well if you do then you will know what I'm talking about when I say that, we spend a lot of time arguing about techniques, lighting, gear and each other's individual style/aesthetic. It's all in the name of good fun and education. I've personally taken more than my fair share of pot shots at friend and fellow photographer Peter Hurley, while sitting across the bar or poker table. But he has shut me up with his lastest video, over on Scott Kelby's, "Guest Blog Wednesday Featuring Peter Hurley". In 15 short minutes Peter demonstrates what it means to accentuate your subject’s jawline in a portrait and I gotta say, it's 15 minutes well spent. Get sample pics and a link to the video in the full post.

[Fstoppers Original] Behind The Scenes With Sports Illustrated
Have you ever wondered what it takes to take the best sports images in the world? You know, those photos that become posters and magazine covers? Well recently we caught up with four of the photographers from Sports Illustrated during the biggest game in college football and asked them what makes a great sports image. Click the full post to read about our experience and hear from the masters themselves.

[Pics] Hauntingly Beautiful Winter Landscapes
Russian photographer Daniel Korzhonov has turned out some hauntingly beautiful winter landscape photography while trekking around the Ukrainian republic of Crimea. Armed with only his Nikon D80 a propensity for soft focas and the unique weather patterns of Crimea, Daniel has pulled off some shots that look nothing short of alien... mystical... surreal...? Ah! Take a look for yourself and pick your own adjective.

The Wednesday Rundown 2.15.12
Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week I had the chance to "hangout" with Andy of unknown photographer. He has some great photoshop tutorials on his new site and one in this weeks rundown. He frequently posts links on twitter @unknown_photog to his google hangouts and passes some knowledge around with other photographers. Also this week we have an Izod shoot in the middle of Death Valley. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

[Video] Erik Johansson Discusses His Mind-Bending Photography
At a recent TED Talk, conceptual photographer Erik Johansson broke down his approach and method into a bite-size chat. While many photographers consider their work finished as soon as they hit the shutter button, apply contrast, and upload to Flickr, Erik decides to take it further (quite a bit further, in fact). His images make you stop and think and may take a few minutes to sink in. If you're one of those who asks "yeah, but is it photography?" don't say I didn't warn you. Check out the video in the full post.

[Pics/Video] How to Make Your Own Models
There is definitely no shortage of models out there but if you feel there is or you can't get them to risk their lives for your art then maybe it's time you made your own. It may not be what American street installation artist Mark Jenkins had in mind but hey, it's a cool idea none the less. Mark's work is actually aimed at making people take notice of their surrounding environment and fellow man/woman rather than their smartphones. He creates life-like sculptures from packaging tape and even clothes some to “to camouflage the art as reality”. See pics of Mark's striking installations and a video on how he makes his models in the full post.

[News] New Photo Tech Removes Unwanted People, In Camera
It's hard to get Lee (see 5:44) to be anything less than southern gentlemanly but I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the amount of times I've heard him curse under his breath as some New Yorker casually strolled in front of his lens. So Lee, this one is for you. Scalado has created an aptly named, photo-taking system that allows you to selectively remove people in a photo by isolating those pesky, inconsiderate, moving objects from that of the static background, with a touch. What am I talking about? You can see what I mean in the video. "Remove" will be available for Android and iOS in the near future but picture being able to perform this action from the screen on the back of your DSLR. Take that New York tourist!

[Humor] Photoshop Tutorial North Korean Style
Who doesn't like a good Photoshop tutorial and learn few new editing tricks? Maybe learn how to fix skin tones or even remove stray hair. But what If you're less into models and more into photographing dictators? we have the perfect tutorial for you. You'll learn how to fix funeral shots, hide crime against humanity and so much more!

[Video] Samsonite 'Bull Fight' - Behind the Scenes
Here's a nice little BTS from Moxie Pictures showing what kind of work goes into the making of a 30-second spot for Samsonite. The purpose was to show off Samsonite's spinners, a series of travel luggage featuring 4 independent wheels that can swivel in any direction to maximize maneuverability. The video gives a good insight into the level of production planning, logistics, & post production that go into making a commercial of this level. Click here for the full post.

[Video] Behind the Glass with Vincent Laforet & Blake Whitman
In this series of videos aimed towards novices, Vincent Laforet and Blake Whitman from Vimeo Video School give you a breakdown on the lenses used in video production and their specific characteristics. This video is aimed at beginners, so seasoned shooters might want to pass, but it's shot and organized so well even if you know the difference between a wide-angle and a standard lens you still might want to give it a look, especially video #2. They go into details regarding how focal length effects framing, compression, depth-of-field, distortion, and they're proper uses for storytelling, dialogue shots, and providing context within your frame. Click here to see the full post.

[Deal] Save Up To $200 On Sigma Lenses
BH Photo is offering up to $200 instant savings on Sigmas Lenses until March 31st. The Sigma 17-50 Lens, which is featured in our Gear Guide as one of our favorite lenses, is great for both stills and video. Normally almost $700, you can pick up that lens for $594.00 after the rebate. Listed at $769.00 after the rebate, the Sigma 105 Macro Lens can focus 31 cm away from the subject with a 105mm zoom. That's a pretty good deal considering the Canon EF 100mm Macro Lens will cost you almost $1,000 and will focus up to 30mm away.

[Funny] Photographer MEME:  What People Really Think I Do
Today my Facebook feed has been full of this funny MEME which tries to portray how photographers are seen through the eyes of their friends, society, and their clients. I've posted a few of these What People Think Photographers Do MEMEs to help lighten up your week. Feel free to create your own representation of what your friends and family think of your photography work and post them in the comments.