[Video] An Open Letter To Canon, Stop The Lies!
I had a hunch but it has now been confirmed that Canon and Vincent Laforet have teamed up to trick the worlds consumers into buying new camera equipment. Apparently to use a camera properly you need to have talent and original ideas but Canon has failed to put either in the box with any of their cameras. Vincent Laforet has been caught using his own personal good ideas in conjunction with Canon cameras to produce a false reality. Until Canon begins to package talent AND creativity with their cameras, I call for a boycott!

[Contest Submission] Dramatic Portraits Of The University Of Indiana's Track And Field Team
There are just less than 7 weeks left to submit your behind the scenes contest video. Submissions are starting to come in and it's amazing what our readers are doing through their photography. As the video submissions come in we are going to feature the standouts here on the front of Fstoppers. In Zach Hetrick's behind the scenes video, he shows how he created commercial sports portraits of The Hoosiers's track and field team. Zach takes some time at the beginning to talk a bit about the lighting setup he used and shows how you can give your group shots a punch with some nice light thanks to a few Alien Bee monoblocks. Leave your comments below if you have any questions about this shoot or simply want to give some friendly support to Zach. You can check out all the entries on the BTS Contest Forum Thread, and remember to get your submissions in early so we can share your work on the front of the site.

[BTS Video] Matthew Jordan Smith Explains Metering Your Subject Perfectly
Some of my favorite behind the scenes videos we've featured on Fstoppers are of Matthew Jordan Smith. He speaks well and always articulates his lighting and setups in a way that both amateurs and pros can understand. In this video Matthew talks about exposing for a high key background, metering your subject's face for dramatic studio light, and balancing ambient backlight with a studio keylight. I'll be honest and say that I've never used a Sekonic Light Meter but I can see how useful they can be for more advanced studio lighting. I think Matthew might be the only professional I know of shooting on a Sony DSLR! I guess it goes to show that your camera brand makes little difference in producing great images. Check out more of Matthew's tutorials here.

[Photo] Amazing Photograph Series Of A Soap Bubble Popping
"I was looking for new things to photograph and I just thought the bubbles looked beautiful and with a bit of luck I managed to get one mid burst," said Richard Heeks. "One day I was so absorbed in the project I didn't notice a group of builders watching me. I think I must have looked a bit of an idiot, but maybe they thought it was fascinating. Who knows, because I got embarrassed and scuttled back into the house." Click on the full post to see the whole series.

[Video] How To Shoot A Sharp Subject With A Moving Background
In this Slanted Lens lesson Jay shows you how to create background motion by moving the camera and subject together on something with wheels. This image was shot at a warehouse for one of Jay's clients. Jay was trying to think of something a little different when putting the camera on the fork lift idea came out. Its hard sometimes to come up with something fresh when you're shooting the same location and subject over and over again but Jay created something that the client was really pleased with.

[Video] The Ultimate Strobist Backpack
Now despite the way this apparatus looks, it's actually something that has been discussed by major photo industry companies. Event photographers continually struggle with needing to have their lighting equipment in just the right spot while simultaneously needing to be somewhere else to get the shot. Even if they do get everything in place, seconds later they will need to somewhere else. In the current economic slump, not everyone can afford an assistant, so what can you do? Build yourself a strobist backpack, that's what.

[Humor] Photographers Vs Videographers:  Epic Battle Of The Century
This video has been sent to us so many times over the last 24 hours that I thought we should share it. It was filmed at After Dark Education based in Tucson, AZ and is a pretty funny look at how some videographers and photographers view each other on a wedding day. Just a good fair warning though, if you were offended by Lee's tongue in cheek take on fanny packs then you might be shocked to find out the situation is worse than you previous thought :) I guess we can all pick on the Star Wars fanatics instead this time!

Fstoppers Original: Peter Hurley's The Art Behind The Headshot Is Live
After almost a year of work we have finally finished Peter Hurley: The Art Behind The Headshot. We created this to be a double DVD tutorial and we may eventually still make a physical copy but for now we have decided to begin with a digital download. I would like to thank each one of you that supported us by pre-ordering this video and I am so sorry it took so long to produce. Patrick and I filmed and edited this and it was far more complicated than we ever imagined. Creating this video has been the hardest project I have ever worked on but at the same time one of the most rewarding. During the 5 days of filming this video Peter completely opened my eyes to a new way of shooting people. Peter helped me look past the technical side of the camera and the lighting to see the emotion and feeling that each of his clients were producing in each image. When his clients weren't producing compelling images, Peter knew exactly how to coach them into creating that perfect "look." This experience has changed my photography more profoundly than any other experience in my life and I hope that everyone who watches this video will feel the same way. Fstoppers is full of new and free information every single day including the first video we did with Peter over a year ago. This video was created with the professional photographer in mind and it costs $300 for a digital download of the 4 hour video. We know that many of our readers are photography hobbyists and if you don't shoot professionally you may not see the value in this download and that is fine. Please realize that this is a tool and a piece of education that will help (some) professionals take their business to the next level. If you don't see the value in it, please do not buy it and enjoy all of the other free material on our site. If you do decide to buy this video, I would like to thank you so much for supporting this venture and Fstoppers.com. Never in a million years would I have thought we (two wedding photographers from South Carolina) could have created a 4 hour tutorial of this complexity. I know we will never make enough money from DVD sales to make up for the time spent producing it (for some reason we thought it would only take a few weeks to edit) but I hope that this video will impact the photographers who watch it in a huge way.

[Pics] Odd Photos of Men Wearing Mustaches in Place of Their Hair

I know I'm always pushing for photographers to be creative but maybe this is going too far. Still these photos of men wearing their own mustaches in place of their hair has the same effect as a freak show carni at the grocery store, or a car crash... you can't help but stare. See all the "Where men meets moustaches meets hair meets moustaches meets hair meets MOUSTAIR" photos in the full post.

[News] A Cool Gift for Creatives: 35mm Hand Cranked Retro Video

Hipstamatic and Instagram BS always provokes an eye rolling from me. Fun apps for the non photographer but when I see actual shooters using these apps I'm often a tad revolted. But hey, pro shooters need to have fun to, so, if you're an actual photographer and want to rock out some retro vibes, check out the Lomokino. This camera is an affordable novelty item at just 79 bucks, shoots 3 to 5 frames per second (hand cranked) and used 35mm film.

via [Lomography]

[Video] How To Shoot Fashion Quickly In Any Location
Nick Fancher is the lifestyle photographer for the website JackThreads.com. JackThreads is constantly receiving large shipments of totally different types of apparel that need to be shot as quickly as possible. Nick takes us through a normal day of shooting that may involve multiple, totally different looking photoshoots. This is a fantastic example of how a poorly filmed video can still become a killer BTSV with some simple voice over information. The bottom line is that Nick uses the absolute smallest amount of gear to come up with fantastic images in an extremely short amount of time. I'm hoping that Nick has something big planned for our Behind The Scenes Contest.

The Wednesday Rundown 11.09.11
Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have an amazing photo shoot from a Vogue photographer. Her behind the scenes video of a Native American styled shoot is a must see. Check out the other fashion shoots that were posted also. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

[Video] How To Take A Photograph On A 4x5 Camera
10 years ago shooting on a 4x5 camera was pretty common among professional photographers. Today, many young photographers not only haven't seen a 4x5 camera but they have probably have never even heard of one. In this video Simon Roberts takes us through the steps of using the camera, editing the images, and the printing the final file. How do you guys feel about shooting on film and then processing the images digitally? Does that defeat the whole purpose?

[Video] This Guy Draws A Photograph In Photoshop
My mother always told me that I was a talented painter and I at one point I believed her. After seeing this video of a guy using Photoshop to digitally paint a photograph of a girl I know she was just trying to be nice. Can anyone tell me if this is fake? It went from looking really bad to really good quite quickly. Whatever you do, make sure you mute this video before you start watching it. Update: Ok I'm pretty sure it's fake.

[BTS Video] Jelly Bean Music Video Takes Over A Year To Produce
It seems every week someone is producing a piece of art that pushes the limits of both technology and also creativity. One trend has been to create commercials and videos completely in camera with minimal post processing. The new music video for Kina Grannis completely blows my mind! Director Greg Jardin worked with Kina to produce a music video that features "jellybean art" in a stop motion sort of way. The video is not only incredibly entertaining but by creating such an interesting video, Kina has found a way to spread her talent to a much larger audience (almost 2 million people at the moment). Even if you may never create something that requires this much work, as a creative professional you should always be thinking of a clever way to share your work to a larger audience. Check out the video below and then click the full post to watch the making of video.

[Contest] Fstoppers Forum Contest: Best Self Portrait Wins An Apollo

Hey everyone! My name is Jaron Schneider and I am the latest addition to the Fstoppers team. If you have been visiting our page or group on Facebook, you may recognize me. I have been tasked with running FS Interactive which is our contests and social medias. We have been getting a lot of questions asking about the contests and we apologize for the wait. However, with patience often comes great things. In addition to our ongoing 2011 BTS Video Contest, we have three monthly contests now in the rotation. More details on the other two soon to come in the next week, but this week we start things off with the return of our forum contest! You have a chance to win a Westcott Apollo Orb, an innovative revamp of the classic photographic lighting tool, the Apollo. The Orb was only officially released last month, so it's a brand new product that we are really happy to give away. Big thank you to FJ Westcott! How to Win: What do you have to do to win? Just register on the forums, find this thread, and submit your best self portrait. This first contest will be judged by myself, Lee and Patrick, but after that the winner will be the judge of the next month's contest (just like old times). The winner will also get their name and photography added to the famed Fstoppers top banner with a link to your personal website. Below is a video showing you some of the features of the Westcott Apollo Orb, and view the full post to see more images and details on the product. Good luck!

Jeremy Cowart Is Going On Tour!
Following the aftermath of the tremendously successful Flash Bus Tour with Joe McNally and David Hobby last year, I can only assume that we will now be seeing many of our other favorite photogs going out on tour in the near future. First on the list is Jeremy Cowart. Jeremy has announced a 3 week, 7 stop tour that INCLUDES a copy of his L I F E F I N D E R DVD and a ticket for a friend that needs it most. All this for $179 ... are you hearing this? The workshop is 8 hours long and you get a copy of his DVD too, insane! I just bought my ticket for December 5th in NYC, so all my NYC photog friends out there better start washing my car and buying me lunch, cuz I have a free ticket to give away ;) Check out the full details and buy your ticket at the tour's website.

[Article] Axstål's Airborn Flash Photography Challenges The Sun

Ron Edatz: "Claes Axstål regularly does something most photographers haven’t thought of, let alone tried. Axstål and his team can typically be found in the air, manning a ton of gear, and—quite literally—lighting and photographing another plane or helicopter as it flies near the one they’re working in. What makes Axstål different from any other photographer taking air-to-air shots of other aircraft? It’s the fact Axstål and crew are using artificial light to overpower the sun, just as most off-camera flash shooters do at a wedding or on a beach-at-sunset fashion shoot. Yes, that’s right. Flash photography at several thousand feet in altitude while traveling several hundred miles per hour. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the objects Axstål photographs are often a few hundred feet long, from airliners to luxury yachts, the latter of which he also photographs from planes. See sample pics and Prophoto's full post inside.

[Video] A Modern Dancing Portrait Behind The Scenes
Von Wong has been featured on our site many times because he is constantly coming up with unique ideas. In this video Von Wong sets out on an unplanned photoshoot with a couple of dancers. Sometimes too much planning can actually limit your creativity. While many of us would have worked on a single shot, Von Wong came away with a group of excellent and completely different images. I asked why this video wasn't a contest entry and Von Wong said "Not epic enough!" I hope this means that an epic entry is on the way.

[Video] Shooting Bullet Time Video In The Ocean With 30 GoPros
I think this video has now been submitted to us about 5 times and we have simply been slow to post it. Rip Curl and TimeSlice, partners in the overall development, used 30 GoPro HD video cameras to freeze an infinite number of moments that could be viewed. The major benefit being a better way of catching all the performance surfing the Rip Curl team riders were doing, rather than just a fraction of it.

[Deals] Limited Time Save On Sandisk Memory Cards And Pocket Wizards
We are heading into the holiday season which usually means manufacturers and retailers are looking to hook up buyers with some pretty sweet deals. Right now through BHvideo.com you can get some great discounts on Sandisk high speed flash memory cards which are great as newer cameras offer more megapixels and greater video capability. Pocket Wizard is also offering a rebate on their flagship Flex and Mini radio triggers. Check out our Nikon Pocket Wizard Flex and Mini Review to see how far the new line of triggers have come over the industry standard Plus IIs. Act fast because these units rarely go on sale and hold their value really well if you ever need to sell them down the road.

[Video] 2 Months Left To Enter This Years Biggest Photo/Video Contest
Our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest ends on December 31st which gives you a little less than 2 months to submit your video. I want to make it very clear that you SHOULD NOT wait until the 31st to submit your video because something will go wrong; it always does. Plus, videos submitted early will be posted to the front of Fstoppers and many that come in at the last minute will not get the same exposure. Stay tuned until the end of this video for a little "surprise" for all of you gear heads out there.

[Video] Why You Might Need a Mattebox
For any of you DSLR video shooters out there, you might not know why you may need some of the equipment you often see on some of the larger rigs found on major studio sets. Well the guys over at Cinevate show you exactly why you might need one of those tools called a mattebox. Matteboxes are essentially barn doors for your camera lens and allow you to control flares and the subtleties of light that make a good film into a great film. Cinevate also shows you how using different filters can really make parts of your movie stand out. Read the full post to see some side by side examples so you can really examine the differences closely.

[BTS Video] Monte Isom Puts His Camera Dangerously Close To Hockey Players
Some of our readers might have met up with Monte Isom at last month's Fstoppers NYC Meetup. His videos have been fan favorites on the site and this week he is sharing another one of his commercial shoots. In this behind the scenes video, Monte shows you how he photographed his latest Molson Export Ale ad campaign featuring hockey players as they slide in towards the camera. As always, Monte has a lot of fun on his shoots and hopefully you can gain some ideas for shoots of your own from this video.

[Video] Paraglider Collides With Eagle, Saved By Reserve Chute
Here is your heart thumping GoPro video of the week. During a routine paragliding expedition in the Indian Himalayans an eagle collides and is caught in the chute lines of the glider. Acting quickly he deploys the reserve chute and lands safely and frees the bird from the lines. This video would be scary from a 3rd person's perspective but it is even more horrifying watching it first person, from a helmet cam.

[News] WTF!?  Another Reason I Won't Shoot Weddings.

It's no secret, I hate shooting weddings. I've always felt that way and then Lee took me on an actual wedding gig and confirmed two things. 1) I really do hate shooting weddings and 2) I'm pretty shitty at it. They are way too much work, way too many creative restrictions, way too little lighting options and way to many guys and gals running around with cameras, far better than mine, pretending to be photographers. Don't even get me started on the potential for having to deal with bride-zillas. And now this story caught my eye, where a client is suing a studio for missing the last 15 minutes of his wedding. Sounds reasonable, you say? Well get this: not only was the wedding done in 2003, but the client is also divorced and is suing to have the whole wedding reinacted for $48,000 plus the original $4100 fee. Studio owner Dan Fried says that the cost of defending themselves in court has already matched the sum demanded by Remis (the client), and calls the case “...an abuse of the legal system.” I can't wait to see all your comments on this one. For links to the full story, jump in and leave your comments below.