[News] WTF!?  Another Reason I Won't Shoot Weddings.

It's no secret, I hate shooting weddings. I've always felt that way and then Lee took me on an actual wedding gig and confirmed two things. 1) I really do hate shooting weddings and 2) I'm pretty shitty at it. They are way too much work, way too many creative restrictions, way too little lighting options and way to many guys and gals running around with cameras, far better than mine, pretending to be photographers. Don't even get me started on the potential for having to deal with bride-zillas. And now this story caught my eye, where a client is suing a studio for missing the last 15 minutes of his wedding. Sounds reasonable, you say? Well get this: not only was the wedding done in 2003, but the client is also divorced and is suing to have the whole wedding reinacted for $48,000 plus the original $4100 fee. Studio owner Dan Fried says that the cost of defending themselves in court has already matched the sum demanded by Remis (the client), and calls the case “...an abuse of the legal system.” I can't wait to see all your comments on this one. For links to the full story, jump in and leave your comments below.

[Video] Peter Jackson Explains How He Films The Hobbit In 3D
I'm not sure I believe that 3D is the way of the future but the current technology behind it does fascinate me. Check out the video below in which Peter Jackson takes us behind the scenes of his much anticipated film The Hobbit. In this video Peter and his team explain how they use 2 Red Epics to produce the most realistic type of 3D footage available today. How many of you guys actually own a 3D TV? Maybe we all will one day but at this point, I don't know a single person with one.

[Contest Entry] Cory Albrechtson Shoots Watermelon Fashion
Things have been pretty quiet in terms of video submissions for our big 2011 BTS Contest and I know that everyone is planning to have theirs done last minute. Let me give you a little advice, DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. As submissions are posted on the forum we will be posting our favorites on Fstoppers. If you submit your video with the masses the very last day, it will not get the attention it deserves. In this submission Dave Gruentzel (who is a still photographer) decided to film a his buddy Cory Albrechtson's new fashion concept. Cory was inspired by a simple fabric print and from that came this whole shoot. Check out the full post to see the final image.

Vincent Laforet's Latest Video Shot On The New Canon C300
Out of the blue Canon just jumped into the movie business. Hours ago Canon just announced the new C300 video camera and minutes ago Vincent Laforet released "Movius" his newest short, shot on this unreleased camera. Patrick and I have been trying to get in contact with Vincent over the last few weeks (for a reason you will soon know) and I now understand why he was so "busy". Check out the short below and the BTSV in the full post.

Canon Just Announced The C300 Video Camera To Take On The Red
Well this is quite a surprise. Canon has just announced the new C300 video camera. This camera will shoot in 4K (still unsure of frame rates) and will use NEW "Top-End EF" Zoom Lenses made by Canon. $20,000 which should compete nicely with the Red Scarlet and it plans to actually be available in January. All of the specs are still coming but if you want to see the most up to date info, head over to the Canon Hollywood Event liveblog on Engadget now!

Sick Trailer for the New GoPro HD Hero2
So I am going through some of the slow-mo HD camera options that are on the market right now for an adventure I will be taking soon, and I stumbled upon the new GoPro HD Hero2. On their site they have one of the illest trailers I have ever seen for a camera, and I had to watch it several times. This isn't an ad for the camera and I am not saying that this is the one I will buy, but man what else compares? With that said, watch this trailer, it really is rad to see what kind of punch that tiny package can deliver! (that's what she said)

Everything You Need to Know about Shooting Fashion

FashionPhotography.com: "Within the photo world, fashion photography is one of the most sought-after careers, and it’s easy to see why. It can be limitlessly lucrative, glamorous and high profile – making it an extremely competitive branch of the business to break into. Without the know-how to properly shoot fashion photos and the savvy to market yourself, it can be nearly impossible to get established. That's where Fashion Photography Exposed comes in. In this utterly comprehensive and supremely educational DVD, famed fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell will show you step by step how to get started and succeed. From lighting, gear, and the technical aspects of capturing fashion images; to the importance of putting together a great team; to understanding the business side; to marketing your portfolio - Fashion Photography Exposed is a tell-all, no-holds-barred educational tool that will help you forge your exciting path in fashion photography."

Get all the details and pre-order from: FashionPhotography.com

Revealing X-Ray Photography

Nick Veasey's work has been around and you may have seen some of it before but it doesn't make it any less cool. To paraphrase Nick, he likes to counter the obsession we have with superficial appearance by using x-rays to strip back the layers and show what is under the surface. He likes to challenge our automatic reaction to physical appearance by highlighting the inner beauty. We can't all have access to an x-ray machine like Nick but at least we can look at his photography and see ourselves and the world in a whole new light. Jump into the full post to see twenty one truly revealing shots.

The Wednesday Rundown 11.2.11
Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a flying bride video. With the help of a trampoline and some creative ideas these brides become weightless in all white. Check out the short animated film that comes to life from folded paper. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

The Best Fstoppers Posts From October 2011

Your "Likes", "Tweets", comments and clicks all help us know which are our best posts of the month. And because we don't want anyone to miss any of Fstoppers' goodness we put "The Best of" in a monthly newsletter for you. So, if you missed anything this October check out the top posts of the month and sign up for our newsletter here

StillMotion Shoots Video At An Aquarium With The Red Epic
As we have said many times before, we are huge fans of the crew at StillMotion for their wedding work. In this video, the team steps outside of their standard job to shoot for Shedd Aquarium. They decided to film most of the project on the new Red Epic so that they could shoot at variable frame rates up to 300fps. In the video below, they take us behind the scenes of the creation of this project. Check out the full post to see the reel from the shoot.

How To Light A Semi-Truck Against The Los Angeles Skyline
Jay P. Morgan is a commercial photographer based out in Los Angeles. His behind the scenes videos have been a hit with our readers because they always feature some useful lighting or photoshopping technique. In his latest video, Jay shuts down a highway ramp in order to light an 18 wheeler truck against the LA skyline. It's pretty interesting that an image like this is shot in camera and not completely photoshopped but that's what makes Jay P. Morgan a hero around the office. If you enjoy this video be sure to check out some of his other videos here.

Fstoppers' Featured Guest Blogger: Jeremy Cowart

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, we are going to have guests stop by to write posts, just for you, our FS readers. Some of these well known and accomplished members of the photo industry will be here to get something off their chests. Others to plug something. Some to teach and others to entertain. This month we are happy to bring you Jeremy Cowart and he wants you to think about something. Jump into the full post to see what's on his mind and be sure to check out all that his links have to offer. Thanks for this great post Jeremy.

Basketball Never Stops: Filming A Nike Commercial With Only One Light
If you were approached by a big client and asked to only shoot with one light, would you freak out or would you make the most of the situation? In Nike's latest basketball commercial Basketball Never Stops, they only used one single hard light to tell the story how the game and fans go on even after the court lights turn off. I think videos like this are a great reminder that sometimes less is more. Sometimes a simple setup can still produce dramatic results (even if you have you substitute a helicopter for a lightstand). Check out the video below and click the full post to see a short Behind The Scenes video on the making of this latest Nike Ad.

Composite Photographer Joel Grimes Explains HDR Portraits

Joel Grimes is a commercial advertising photographer who is most known for his composite portraits. In his recent interview with [Framed], Joel discusses how he got started with his career, how he uses 16bit HDR images in his workflow, does a full photoshoot, and even shows off his musical talents. The video is long so take your time watching it because he gives a lot of useful tips. I'm trying to persuade Sean Armenta to create an Fstoppers Post Production Tutorial on this type of composite editing so if you have questions leave them in the comments below.

Novum Launches New BorrowLenses.com Website
When someone turns us onto a product or service we really enjoy we like to spread the word. Our friends over at Novum Studios just recently launched the new site design for BorrowLenses.com and it looks great. The Novum team was responsible for the site design you see on Fstoppers.com, and since we are not web designers, they have been instrumental in helping us turn our ideas into working realities. I can't really say enough about Case Sandberg and his team so if you need any custom wordpress design work check them out. Also check out Borrow Lenses new site especially if you want to test or rent gear for an upcoming project.

"Everybody Street" A Documentary in NY, NY by Cheryl Dunn
Cheryl Dunn: "Hello photographers, photography enthusiasts, lovers of history and New York City. My name is Cheryl Dunn and I am a fellow photographer and the director of "Everybody Street", a feature documentary about NYC street photographers who have taken some of the most iconic images of the last century. Whether you take pictures with your phone or a Leica, you will relish the opportunity to hear the real stories of the men and women who are the very foundation of the street photography movement and of the medium itself. These include, to date: Bruce Davidson, Joel Meyerowitz, Mary Ellen Mark, Max Kozloff, Ricky Powell, Martha Cooper, Jamal Shabazz, Bruce Gilden, Clayton Patterson, Jeff Mermelstein, Rebecca Lepkoff, Boogie, Luc Sante, Jill Freedman, Josh Wildman. The film, shot in16mm and in HD, and with a score by NYC Band Endless Boogie, takes you into the studios and out onto the streets where you will see firsthand the working techniques of these incredible artists as they unfold in the theater of New York City. Many of my subjects have never been documented before, remaining instead hidden behind their cameras..." See the full story and pictures inside. Support Cheryl on Kickstarter. And if you have an extra $10K kicking around, you can even be a Co-Executive Producer. ;)

Fstoppers Meetup In London Tonight!
Patrick and I are in London England. Tonight, Wednesday October 26 we are going to throw another get-together at Opal Bar. The Address is Hungerford House,Victoria Embankment,London, WC2N 6PA and the party begins at 8pm. Help spread the news and if you plan to come please let us know in the comments below so we can get a basic head count.

The Greatest Photography Halloween Costume Ever!
For some people, Halloween can be a stressful time as you panic to come up with that perfect costume that will impress all your friends and help you score big with the opposite sex. Photographer Tyler Card decide to one up everyone by creating his own lifesize working Nikon D3 which can capture all of his trick or treating fun. Check out the demo below and then head to the full post to see how Tyler made it in his BTS video.

The Wednesday Rundown 10.26.11
Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a nice clothing line shoot done in Dumbo NY, a great location. Since it is that time of the season we have a shoot on location at an apple farm. It turns out very good using only natural light. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

29 Ways To Stay Creative
If I haven't said it enough times, creativity to a photographer is everything. So, if you're having trouble getting your creative juices flowing, watch this short video on "29 Ways To Stay Creative" by To-Fu. And remember, it's not enough to just watch these tips, you got to actually put them into practice. Just a heads up, this video is not photography specific. So if you got your head up your @$$ and think tips on keeping creative are low on your priority list then skip this one. ;P

Shooting the "Deadliest" Crew

This striking image (pun intended) was shot by Blair Bunting for a Deadliest Catch ad for Discovery Channel. Curious to know how he did it? Well, luckily for us, his assistant Paul Morton filmed the whole thing, and Mike Maez was kind enough to edit it down into a digestible and inspiring video. Do not worry, it did not take any knocked out teeth or injured sailors to get the job done, but rather a couple of Pro-7a units and 3 high powered leaf blowers. Have a look and see for yourself!

via the ProFoto Blog

Cool Use of Stop Motion Photography
You guys know me by now, right? I don't like shooting weddings, or bowls of fruit and definitely not maternity shoots. But when something is creative and unique I'm the last one to thumb my nose at it and that's why I had to share this little stop motion gem. Don't expect great lighting or dynamic photo techniques from this video, just appreciate the cleverness of this simple idea and the dedication it took to make this short video.

Has iPhone Video Footage Actually Been Used In A Box Office Hit?
In May 2012, Marvel will release the comic superhero movie The Avengers. Some apple fans are suggesting that footage actually in the movie was shot on an Apple Iphone. The Avengers cinematographer Seamus McGarvey was quoted saying, "The beauty of photography or cinema is that you make every choice based on the content at hand. On The Avengers, I did a couple of shots on the iPhone and they are in the movie. In fact, they are in the trailer! I understand that sometimes there is no choice and you have to go for the cheapest option, but if you are limited for choice, you can still make poignant decisions that will effect the look of the film." It's pretty crazy to think footage from the older iPhone 4 (which only shoots 720) could ever be good enough to mix in with real footage taken on pro cinema cameras. With the amount of preplanning and the huge budgets allowed on these films, would they not just reproduce the scene again and capture it from all angles? I just can't imagine something happened spontaneously where the cinematographer's footage from his phone was the best possible footage. What do you guys think? Can anyone identify the footage in the trailer below?

Simple Tips On Getting Great Video Shots On A Slider
Lee's wedding video A Moving Moment created a lot of discussion about how to get high production shots with minimal gear. The truth of the matter is Lee handheld 90% of the footage and used our favorite slider, The Atlas 10 Slider, for the remaining 10% of the shots. Olivia Tech has recently demoed a knock off slider called the Konova Slider and explains some simple techniques that can really up your video production easily and on a budget. Olivia is also using the main lens Lee used in his video, the Tamron 17-50 2.8 VC, which has the best vibration compensation of any 2.8 lens in this range. If you want the quality of a true Cinevate Slider for a little less money, we have had awesome results using the Cinevate Atlas Pulley System as a fully functioning slider. Just make sure you put a solid ball head on it first!

Lytro's New Consumer Camera... Gear or Gimmick?

You may remember the Lytro camera from Patrick's earlier posts, "...An Image You Can Focus After You Capture It" and "The Focus Later Camera...", well now Lytro has announced it's consumer light field camera with an 8x f/2 lens and built in storage. An 8GB camera that stores 350 pictures will be priced at $400, while a 16GB with a 750 image capacity will cost $500. Lytro cameras are currently available for pre-order, shipping early 2012. The question now is, "Is this camera going to be developed for professional use or is it destined to be little more than a consumer gimmick?" Take a look at the photos and video in the full post and let us know what you think.

Examples of DIY Business Cards for Photographers

As creatives we photographers have very little reason to be packing standard humdrum business cards (let's leave those for the door to door salesmen and insurance agents). Photographer/Blogger Katie Sokoler obviously agrees with me as she recently posted on how she made her home made cards. I love exchanging cards but am often disappointed when I'm out networking with my peers and I recieve a card that is unimaginative or worse, tacky. Whenever I hand mine out I'm often bombarded with a slew of questions like, “Is this an envelope? Is there something inside it? Can I open it?". To which I respond: “Yes it is. Yes there is. Yes you can.” Which often leads to the question, “How much did it cost to have these made?” To which I respond: "I did them myself." So I decided to follow Katie's example and throw up a few pics to show how I make my cards. See how putting in a little bit of effort can help get you remembered.