7 Misconceptions About Licensing Music Legally Vs. Stealing

Admit it, we have all done it. Whether you used Napster to download music illegally when you were in highschool, made a mixed tape for a friend, or put music behind your last Youtube video, none of us have paid for music properly in every instance. In most cases we know what is right and wrong but there are still many misconceptions about licensing music. In this article Matt Thompson of SongFreedom.com goes through 7 legal and moral misconceptions when it comes to using popular music.

The Art Of Motion Mixing: BTS With V Energy Drink

Music and visual components have always been used together as a form of art, most famously in the music video. As technology expands so does the way we use it for expression. The people over at Frucor (V Energy Drinks) recently challenged Joel Little, lead singer of Goodnight Nurse, to create a single track that could be played (mixed) live using only a body's movements in this unique musical and visual journey of a marketing campaign.

Von Wong Shoots Superbowl Leather Designer

Benjamin Von Wong gives us some tips for shooting with less than optimal conditions as he goes to work on models wearing pieces made by master leather worker Cecilio Martinez. This latest and last installment of Ben's European tour finds him in Spain, without power, light stands, experienced models or the ability to speak Spanish. So check out this video and if you want more then head over to Ben's Blog where he lays out all the juicy details.

The 'Missing' Arm On The Cover Of Vogue Russia: Photoshop Or Angle?

The August cover of Vogue Russia has a small issue that people have been talking about. They have been questioning whether or not it was another Photoshop mishap or just a matter of angle? The beautiful model, Natasha Poly, graces this cover and we can assure you she has all her limbs intact. We'd like to know your thoughts on whether or not this is just a matter of angle, or if the missing arm was definitely an oversight.

The Wednesday Rundown 7.18.12

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have another great shoot with photographer Dave kai Piper as well as a portrait shoot from Craig Melville. Craig shows us behind the scenes from setup to post production for his shoot.We want to see your BTS videos!!! So if you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email jerrit@fstoppers.com .

New Female-Oriented PDN Magazine Too Stereotypical?

Our friends over at SLR Lounge just brought up an interesting topic that Jezebel posted on a few days ago. I personally received an email alert letting me know that the new magazine Pix, which is aimed specifically at female photographers, was now available. I pointed it out to the rest of the Fstoppers staff, but we didn't know what to make of it without looking at the content. Well apparently the content can be construed as particularly offensive.

Hot Summer Deal On A New Website

We usually don't post stuff like this on Fstoppers but this deal is too good to pass up. Right now Creative Motion Design is having a huge sale on all of their website designs so if you're in the market for a new look for your website then I highly recommend them. Normally both the flash and HTML website designs cost $295 plus an additional $100 to host but from now until July 31 they are 50% off ($147.50).

Free Photo Workshop On Increasing Sales and Managing Your Time

One of the most difficult things about running your own business and being your own boss is managing your time. Life can become stressful trying to manage photoshoots, editing, packaging, having a social life, meetings, and taking care of the daily responsibilities. Professional photographer Tamara Lackey has somehow figured out how to balance her time as she runs two businesses, teach around the country, and play mom to three children. Starting today, Tamara is teaching how you can manage your time through a free creativeLIVE workshop.

Glamour Shots, Insect Style

Slovak macrographer (not a real term) Dusan Beno has built quite a stunning body of work consisting almost entirely of bugs. These insect headshots are intense and beautiful at the same time. Dusan's mix of lighting and color really make these images pop and they leave me wanting to see more. Check out his 500px for larger versions of these photos. Enjoy!

What One Photographer Did When f/1.0 Just Wasn't Fast Enough

Many of you are familiar with Blair Bunting, one of the premier commercial portrait photographers in the United States, and a good friend of mine. A couple weeks ago we were chatting about lenses when he brought up this project he did several years back. I instantly wanted to share it, and we tweeted an image of his 50mm f/1.4 next to his 110mm f/.95, which many of you thought was fake. It wasn't.

F-Stop Explained by Dylan Bennett

When I clicked on this video, I figured I wouldn't learn a thing. If you're like me, you fully understand how to use the f-stop principle, even if you can't remember where all the numbers came from. I know I've heard all of this before, but it's been years. When I explain f-stop to someone, I don't get quite so mathematical. In this video, Dylan Bennett provides a straightforward and mathematical explanation of f-stop.

Sony's RX100 Looks Amazing, But Do You Care?

I've been looking at the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 for a couple weeks now, and as awesome as the specs look on paper, I'm somehow still in a fog of "meh." The compact point-and-shoot camera used to be relevant, but I haven't felt that to be the case for some time now. These days, the compact camera market belongs to the cell phone, and for anything else I'll just pick up a DSLR or a mirrorless. So what do you think? Do you care this camera exists?

Who Shot Rock & Roll? Photographers Revealed

We've seen these iconic images before, but ever wonder who shot them? Here is just a preview of what you can see at the traveling photography show titled, "Who Shot Rock & Roll?" which is currently at the Annenberg Space for Photography in LA until October 7, 2012. Displaying over 175 images, these Rock & Roll stars shook up musical history.

A Lesson In Composition For Video

Tom Antos is a freelance film maker who likes to share his tips and know how online with people just like you. In his latest lesson he addresses composition for film making and video. If you can get past the harsh audio you'll find that Tom really does have some great tips concerning composition and clues us in on when and how to use a certain camera angle or crop to get a certain feel, set a mood or to simply get your point across. Enjoy!

BTS: Mike Johnston For Vater Percussion

I'm all about getting the shot that you need in camera as much as possible. If you can achieve an effect in front of your camera and spend less time in Photoshop then the more the better. Sasha Leahovcenco recently shot an ad for Vater Percussion with Mike Johnston. In this behind the scenes video he explains everything that he uses to create the shots, even explaining why he decided to go natural lighting on the main ad shot itself.

Plot Device: A Film By Red Giant

This was done a while ago, but Red Giant, the maker of a number of software tools to help image-makers create more realistic visual effects, created a short to showcase the capabilities of their software. The short, "Plot Device," has a great BTS video to go along with it -- they even share all the products they used. Enjoy the finished product after the break.

Surreal Landscape Photography

Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé is turning out some interesting landscape photography using a 1x1 meter, suspended, glowing square. And it's worth noting that Benoit's images are not Photoshopped.
Benoit Paillé:
"I hate lanscape. So I decide to stage my own vision of lanscape. I create an art light installation for poetic space/time purpose...

Abandoned Photographs Found in the Streets of Detroit

In 2009 and 2010, Italian photographers Arianna Arcara and Luca Santese walked the streets of Detroit on a photographic mission. They set out to find lost, thrown out, and forgotten photographs of the city's past. Their collection eventually grew to include 'thousands of polaroids, letters, prints of photographic evidence, police documents, mugshots and family albums.' The project has now been