Using an SD and CF Card Simultaneously in your 5D MKIII Might Be a Bad Idea

Recently, Jeff Cable from Lexar published a blog post explaining a rather curious choice on Canon's part. It seems that the 5D Mark III was built with one very fast CF slot which supports the newer UDMA7 protocol and a standard SD card slot which does NOT support the high speed standard (called UHS). Without UHS support, the top speed that can be achieved by the SD card is 133x. Because the 5D MKIII defaults to the slowest memory card speed inserted in the camera, your CF speed could get short-changed by the SD card.

The Wednesday Rundown 6.27.12

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a great shoot and edit of Norah Jones' photo shoot for Time Out NY. The photographer, Dale May, shows us how he created the final composite for the magazine cover. If you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email .

Photography Rules For Idiots

Latvian photographer, Ivars Gravlejs, has created a great and funny list of rules for idiots who also want to be photographers, or at least who want to take pictures. The format is simple to understand for the morons that need process this information as it is a "This, not that" kind of deal. Everyone of us knows a few people that could benefit from this post and can help them stop sucking so bad at taking pictures. However, you can't really take this too seriously.

A  Finesse With Pixels: Framed Interviews High-End Retoucher, Pratik Naik

Polishing your photos for the world to see is an important step in a photographer's workflow. Retouching can both be a photographer's favorite step in the process or can cause a massive headache. Framed Network has interviewed Fstoppers' very own, Pratik Naik, for their web series of artistic professionals. His work has graced the pages of ELLE, Maxim, Vouge and Marie Claire upon others. Pratik was kind enough not to just give an interview with Framed, but also give the audience a small look into his daily routine of retouching.

Using Your DSLR for Multiple Exposure Photography

While scooting through Paris, prolific photographer and Fstoppers submitter, Benjamin Von Wong set to the task of photographing master pyrotechnician Andrey Das. Ben has already done a couple shoots with fire (1-2) so to keep growing as an artist and a professional his team decided to challenge themselves. Check out the resulting video and the photos in the full post where

The Making Of A Colorado Tourism Video

What do you do when the product you are trying to sell is an entire state? When that state is Colorado, it's not hard to find majestic scenery to showcase the state in it's grandeur. Director Tim Kemple, in collaboration with Forge Motion and Karsh/Hagan, crafted a series of spots for the state of Colorado, all being set to music by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. This making-of video takes you through their process of crafting these ads. Click on the full post for a few of the final commercials.

Instaglasses Concept: The Instagram Glasses That Show The World In Filters

We recently showed you the idea of what a instagram camera would look like here. Now, this concept by Markus Gerke shows it reduced down to glasses. The idea is that you can take a picture and apply a filter with your glasses. In effect, you can see the world through instagram filters and share it with everyone. Even though this concept won't come true, it might have been a big hit with Instagram addicts. Would this be something you would have bought if they were real?

Awesome Silhouette Portraits At Sunset

Photographer Irving Lubis (Pink Sword), based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia has captured a captivating group of images by shooting silhouettes against the setting sun. With everything from children to field workers and cattle, Lubis' series leaves you with a sense of mystery and fantasy. As simple as these shots can be to make, the composition is what grabs me most. Enjoy!

Is Reflectance Printing Here To Stay?

In this scientific project, a group of researchers decided to find a way to make normal 2D prints react to light the same way 3D objects react to it. As you can see it works really great, but the photo quality is still not so good. I'm sure that with some more research and development it will get much better. This can change the way we print and see physical pictures the same way Lytro Changed the way people take pictures.

Behind The Scenes of Snow White And Huntsman

If you haven't seen the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, then you'll want to go see it after watching this video. Filmed with the Red Epic camera, the amount of detail that went into creating the Mirror Man is amazing. The guys over at The Mill Visual Effects Studio did many tests with liquid before deciding to use cloth instead. Cloth provided more control over making the sculpture appear seamlessly out of the mirror.

What Would You Do With 50 Gigapixels?

Recently, some of the engineering crew from Duke University with the assistance of scientists from the University of Arizona, University of California – San Diego, and Distant Focus Corp decided to slap together 98 minuscule cameras, each with a 14-megapixel sensor and capture an image with all of them through a single lens.

Shooting Senior Portraits Outdoors With A Single Light

In another great behind the scenes video from Michael Sasser, Denver Photographer Ryan Tortorelli is shown working with three students at several different locations to capture there senior portraits. Using what seems like a single light setup in conjunction with the sun, the resulting captured images show the quality of this setup. It's also great to see how Ryan is working with his talent, suggesting poses and giving directions.

Learn Product Photography For Free From June 21-25 On creativeLIVE

Product photography can be one of the most difficult facets of photography. Everyone expects organic objects (like a human) to have imperfections but clients want their products to look flawless in the finished image. Your choice of lens, angle, lighting, color, composition, and retouching must all work together or your shot won't hold up. In the past photographers would have to assist for years to learn the tricks of the trade but today, you can learn them for free from your laptop.

Only a Few More Days Left to Enter to Win a Lytro Camera

June is the month to win cameras here at Fstoppers. Not only are we giving away a Canon 5D MKIII or a Nikon D800, but until June 26, you can enter to win a Lytro! This tiny little camera got a lot of hype at the end of 2011, and for good reason. It basically redefined what a still image could be and introduced the new light field sensor unit of measurement, the megaray. So join Fstoppers and Camera Awesome as we give one away!