[BTSV] Contest: Circus Girls Dangling From High Ceiling
After having their studio space and equipment destroyed from an earthquake, the guys over at the Image Workshop pulled it together to create a pretty cool behind the scenes video. They were asked by alternative Circo-Art performers, "The Damaged Duo" to take their promotional pictures. While they used several different lighting setups, the one thing that remained constant was their use of Broncolor heads and packs which provided fast recycle times. Click the full post to watch the behind the scenes contest entry.

[Video] The Photographers Behind Their Iconic Photos
Photographer Tim Mantoani has been working on a 5-year project called “Behind Photographs”, where he has been capturing the artists that were responsible for some of the iconic images that have shaped our culture. In this video he talks about his process a bit more, and shows the rare 20x24 Polaroid camera he used. Very cool historical piece here, it’s an interesting juxtaposition showing the photo with the photographer.

[Gear] See Inside A "Red Epic" Camera In Remarkable Detail!
Have you ever caught yourself wondering what the inside of your camera looks like? How about the insides of a $35,000 camera? Thanks to the FCC, we can now see the Red Epic's innards in all its glory. I certainly wouldn't have guessed ahead of time that it was mostly RED inside; not the usual green we are all so used to. If this sort of thing piques your interest, make sure to click through to the full post to see more photos!

[News] A Post-Apocalyptic Series That Shares Filmmaking Tutorials
There is a new web series in the works that centers around 1 man along in a broken and empty New York City. Why do you as a filmmaker care? Well, the series will include filmmaking tutorials on things like: how to turn an actor into a zombie, how to create a destroyed Empire State Building and whatever else takes, director Rubidium Wu's fancy, along the way. See the trailer and first BTS tutorial in the full post.

[Video] ‘Park Life’ A Doc On Climbing, Life, And Filmmaking
The filmmakers at Louder Than 11 shot this documentary in Yosemite Valley and have made it freely available for anyone. While most of this visually-rich film shows bouldering, it’s all about the stories of the climbers, including the filmmakers themselves, who talk about balancing their passions for climbing and filmmaking. This has arguably some of the best graphics and editing I’ve seen in a rock climbing video. Shot on an AF100.

[Video] This TED Talk is the Best Explanation of SOPA/PIPA I've Seen
Much of the internet fought against SOPA and PIPA yesterday in their own unique way. Although we are also against these bills, Fstoppers didn't participate yesterday. It wasn't until I saw this fantastic TED talk that I truly understood what these bills really meant for the internet. Even if you think you totally understand it, this video will open your eyes to copyright issues in the USA.

[News] Kodak Officially Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
As much as we've all been hoping there must be some way for Kodak to save itself, today marks the beginning of...a new beginning. Credited for bringing photography to the masses and creating the industry's leading film technology, we're sad for Kodak's continuing struggle. At least, however, there is hope: Kodak does expect to be completed with restructuring in 2013. Read the press release in the full post.

[BTS] Sound Triggered Ink Explosions At 5400 Frames Per Second!
Have you ever wondered what printer ink would look like exploding in slow motion? Wonder no more! This fantastic behind the scenes video from a Canon Pixma commercial shows how the team captured ink explosions using an audio trigger. It certainly helps that they chose to use a camera capable of shooting at a face melting speed of 5400 frames per second. To see the video and more details click here.