[Video] First 4K Short Film Shot on The Canon 1D-C DSLR

Shane Hurlbut was asked by Canon to produce a short film with the new Canon 1D-C. This past week at NAB he debuted this short, "The Ticket" in full 4K glory. Shane sings the cameras praises, and is equally impressed by the simplicity in it's workflow, which he discusses in his blog post here. Hit the jump for the short film and tell me what you think of the quality. It's hard to tell just how high quality it is on the web, but I think it looks impressive nonetheless!

[BTS] Annie Leibovitz Shoots Meryl Streep

For the January 2012 issue of Vogue, Annie Leibovitz shot the incredible Meryl Streep and the members of a team of women focused on building a women's history museum in Washington, D.C. While it talks a lot about their cause, you can definitely see all of her lighting set ups in the shots which are surprisingly simple.

[Video] Indoor Fireworks and Other Insane Acts at 2500fps

“Dumt & Farligt” is a Danish TV show were two guys are given free license to do what ever dangerous thing that comes to mind, in and around the home. But the best part is they they document it all with a Phantom Flex capturing every ludicrous detail at 2,500fps. See what happens when a lighter next to a candle is shot, a waterbed is filled until it pops, fireworks are set off in a living room, a bottle of red wine is microwaved and more.

[Video] The Most Famous, Unknown Model In The World

His name is Jesper Bruun and they call him "the most downloaded man in the world." He is a male model that specializes in stock photography which gets published far more than standard photography simply because it is so cheap. I would agree that he is in more legitimate ads than anyone else but I may have to argue that his face is NOT the most used. Noam Galai, may still be winning that contest.

[Video] Hands on with the Canon Cinema 1D C

It seems that the good folks over at Engadet.com have managed to get their hands on the newly announced Canon Cinema 1D C at NAB in Las Vegas. For those not familiar with the camera, it's basically two Canon 1dx's in one. Ok maybe not, but it does record 4k video footage while maintaining a regular dslr camera body. In fact, it has the same still photo capabilities as the 1DX and is more or less the identical body.

The Wednesday Rundown 4.18.12

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a Titanic photo shoot in honor of the 100th anniversary of it's maiden voyage / last trip. Also check out the fashion editorial "Milk" by Natash Kertes and her team. With some unique images and contrasting colors her shoots turns out great. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

[Video] Come Along For The Ride, Karl Grobl

This video features humanitarian photographer, Karl Grobl as he travels to Cambodia to shoot the Angkor Hospital for Children. In this episode of his new series titled, "Come Along For The Ride", he goes behind the scenes to describe his technique and thought process as he's working. Karl has shot for more than 85 different NGOs in over 50 countries.

[News] And the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography Goes to...

Massoud Hossaini, who is also the first Afghani to win a Pulitzer Prize. Hossaini's work captures the horrors of violence that occur in Afghanistan on a regular basis. The photo was captured just as a suicide bomber took his own life and that of many others in the vicinity. A girl dressed in green screams as blood runs down her face, and she is surrounded by bodies of the wounded and dead.

[Video] Epic Timelapse Footage of Dubai by Richard Bentley

Here's a breathtaking perspective on the city of Dubai, created by UK filmmaker Richard Bentley. It took him two and a half weeks to capture the footage, shooting one to two sequences a day from various balconies and rooftops. He shot with a Canon 7D, and edited in Avid Media Composer. The final product is fascinating. The only problem I have with this video is that it reminds me that I have yet to see this city in person. That needs to change.

[Photos] The Adventures of Mr. Fly

The Adventures of Mr. Fly is a series featuring a dead fly doing people-type things. You know, like skateboarding, building a snow man, and sunbathing. NOT like texting while driving, singing in the shower, and Googling your own name. The photos were posed and shot by photographer Nicholas Hendrickx. I assume Mr. Fly over here died of natural causes. Otherwise I wouldn’t know what to think of Mr. Hendrickx.

[Pics] Awe-Inspiring Photos of the Last Flight of Space Shuttle Discovery

As Fstoppers' resident aviation dork, I felt compelled to share these incredible images of the last time Space Shuttle Discovery will take to the air. Discovery was recently retired, and has been ferried from her home in Florida to it's final resting place, the Udvar-Hazy Center, an annex of the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum. Not only is the entire process of ferrying a shuttle a technological marvel in and of itself, the photos that Nasa takes aren't half bad, either.

[Gear] The Pursuit Camera Car

So this is really just a promo that Mercedes put out, but it has a lot of information on how filmmakers shoot those insane camera moves you see in car ads. The rig on top of that Mercedes is incredible, and considering they are doing these crazy moves while the camera is going fairly fast, it really makes you appreciate the car ads you see on TV.

US Airways Stole My Laptop and Won't Replace It

On a flight from Philadelphia to New York my girlfriend was asked, as she boarded the plane, to "check" her carry on bag and put it below the plane because there was no longer any room in the bins in the cabin. When she arrived in NYC she was asked to retrieve her bag at baggage claim. Once it was apparent her bag was not showing up, the baggage department said that her bag would be delivered to her the next day. When she received her bag, her laptop was missing.