Heidi Klum takes you BTS on a German Vogue shoot
I have learned that there is often a lot to be gained by watching people being creative rather than simply being shown an interesting lighting setup or cool new technical gadget. This video will teach you nothing about lighting or photography in general but it gives you a good glimpse on how two of the industry's top creative people (Heidi Klum and Alexi Lubomirski ) come together to produce something really interesting. Click here to see the final photos (editorial/german vogue/2009/Heidi) along with some other amazing photographs.


Contest Entry: Fatal Attraction
Our next contest entry as just been posted. David Solomini shoots for A-List Magazine. It's really cool to see all that goes into getting a cover of a fashion magazine. You can view more details about the full shoot at alist-international.com and you can add to the dialog about this BTS video on the forums here. Please give the creator of this video your feedback, we would all appreciate it.

The Wednesday Rundown 6.9.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Another amazing weekend in the New York area. I Had the chance to shoot a wedding with NYC as the back drop, Gorgeous! Check out some of the wedding shoots that I found online this week. I have worked hard to insure all the videos show the final pictures. Thanks to Eddie for letting us know what wants to be seen. We love the feedback and want to give the crowd here videos to inspire and help. Thanks again for the feedback. contactfstoppers@gmail.com

Paul Ripke shoots a watch campaign with a sailboat
The first time I clicked on Paul Ripke's website and saw the images on it, I knew I had found something special. Fstoppers reader Thomas send us this video and Tobi helped translate what is going on this video. It maybe a little long for some of you especially if you only understand English but it's still pretty awesome. Check out the full post to see the images and a simple translation of how Paul is shooting this watch ad.

IWC from Paul Ripke on Vimeo.

BJ and Richielle Formento are Fine Art photographers
BJ and Richielle Formento are a photography team that makes up Revolvershoots, and I must say I really love their moody images. Their project Circumstance combines a lot of unique locations with bits of adversity in the rolls they have their models play. It's definitely interesting stuff, and you can see how studying under Annie Leibovitz has influenced BJ's work.

Circumstance 5 from Peggy Peralta on Vimeo.

The Wednesday Rundown 6.2.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Hopefully the weekend was a nice long one and you had Memorial Day off. I am putting aloe gel on this sunburn that got me this weekend on the beach, but it was worth it. This week we have a swim wear shoot, a magazine cover, and a jelly bean girl. Keep sending in the videos you find and working on the videos for the contest!!! contactfstoppers@gmail.com

Travis Harris (FS Fan) Visits Charleston For 5 Days
A few weeks ago I got a friend request and a nice message from Travis Harris, a shooter out of Miami that I had never met before. 4 weeks later he was on a plane to assist me and hang out for 5 days. Travis left yesterday and just a few minutes ago he wrote a kind and inspiring post about his trip on our forum. Travis took a big chance and I think we can all learn from him. Check out his story here. Please feel free to join in the conversation and add your own messages to the post.

Behind the scenes of how a Canon 500mm lens is made
A reader emailed me this video a while back and I finally got around to watching it. If you enjoy watching how things are made you will really appreciate the amount of effort that goes into making pro level lenses. I have never thought of my lenses coming ultimately from a bunch of powder! Click the post to watch all three videos and see the final product

Today We Shot Our Biggest Video Yet
Today we shot what I believe will be our biggest video yet. It isn't going to be big because we featured a famous photographer because I, Lee Morris was the photographer. We did something very different today; something I believe has never been done before. It will take us a few weeks to edit down the video but until then you can see a few shots from our shoot and try to guess why this shoot was significant. Check the full post to see 3 more images.

The Wednesday Rundown 5.26.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. We recieved a couple of videos from some fstoppers out there, thanks to Yves and the video sent in! This week I was on a mission to find some Polaroid film in NYC. It has recently been put back in production by the Impossible Project. I found their SOHO store and talked with them for a bit. They hooked me up with some film and I am back shooting old school. In honor I have found a behind the scenes shoot with some Polaroid film. Check it out!!! contactfstoppers@gmail.com

Marc & Louis Photography Storyboard their bloody shoots
I was sent this video by Marie-Louise Cadosch of Marc & Louis Photography based out of Switzerland, and I was absolutely blown away by the attention to detail in their planning and preproduction. Their behind the scenes video "Bleed Like Me" is gruesome and not for the faint of heart but I doubt you have seen anything like it. And if you are thinking about our DSLR Contest, you may find some editing tricks for your own video. Click the link to find out how they shot and filmed this series.

Are You On Fstoppers Forum Yet?
We finally got our forum up and running and we hope that everyone that visits Fstoppers will also take part in the community we are trying to create. Patrick will be releasing a video soon that is directly related to the forum but until then I wanted to show you a little bit of what you are missing out on. College student Thomas Woodson has created a thread taking us through his car photography techniques. Want to know what gear he is using? A D40, 1 Vivitar flash, and a sheet. Check out the thread here. If you appreciate what we are trying to do at Fstoppers.com then please do both yourself and us a favor and take part in our new forum at www.fstoppersforum.com.