Now that the furore (or lack thereof) following the Sony a9 II announcement has subsided, rumors are starting to emerge regarding Canon’s forthcoming sports and wildlife flagship, the much-anticipated 1D X Mark III. An alleged leak suggests that the new camera will shoot at 30 frames per second, but of course, the details are a little thin.

Nikon has just announced the launch of its much-awaited NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct and the price tag is as crazy as the lens itself. Bravo, Nikon.

It's now officially twelve (shopping) weeks to Christmas and so in the spirit of the 12 Days of Christmas, we start our countdown — not with 12 drummers drumming — with the top 12 ways to pimp your camera.

Canon recently launched the successor to the EOS M6 with the aptly named EOS M6 Mark II. It's a seemingly innocent camera that looks almost exactly like its predecessor but is packed with very significant upgrades inside.

Four members from the same family all drowned at Pambar Dam in India on Sunday after falling into the water while attempting to take a selfie together.

Photoshop is a tremendously large and complex program, and it certainly behooves anyone working in the application to learn whatever they can about shortcuts and the way the tools work. This helpful video will give you over 20 practical tips for maximizing the usefulness of the tools in Photoshop in just two minutes.

"Video quality is powerful but it's not the whole thing." Paul Xavier speaks about how the message of your video is more important than the gear you are using.

Dry or desert conditions provide incredible photographic opportunities. However, these places can expose your camera to a significant amount of sand and dust. The Namib and Etosha are two of the driest and dustiest places on Earth. Thank goodness for rain covers!

My wife and I went to Copenhagen for the weekend to shoot 7 models together. We stayed in this awesome Scandinavian-styled apartment with a lot of wood finishing and great character. I wanted to try out the Moment Superfish lens to shoot some interiors, typically what I think these lenses will mostly be used for.

A Unique Instagram Solution for 4:5 Images

When it comes to posting your portrait orientated images on Instagram, you are forced to confine your work into their 4:5 ratio. There are a few options including cropping, resizing your work, or using a third-party app to make it fit. Here's a unique solution that also includes optimal upload settings for Instagram.

I've seen a lot of changes to cameras since I picked up my first, but one stands far above the rest for me.

Here’s the story of how one photographer turned a huge symphony hall into potentially the world’s largest darkroom. From the stage, he took a tintype portrait and developed it in front of a 1,400-strong audience.

If you have ever wanted to start a YouTube channel, here is my experience of setting up a new channel and giving it a real go for 30 days.

Congrats to our winners in the Iceland Photo Critique! Please pick out which tutorial you want from the Fstoppers Store and David will reach out to you soon. 

Sigma has announced that it will be launching three new lenses for Canon EF-M mount: 16mm, 30mm, and 56mm f/1.4 primes that will fit Canon’s compact range of M-series cameras.