I’m rubbish at taking portraits. I’m definitely better than I was, but it’s very much a work in progress. Other than shooting more, how can you make yourself improve?

I am lucky enough to have hosted or been a part of workshops around the world. One thing I teach in my workshops is that photographers should not look at other photography to be inspired.

Well it had to come… the final installment of the A to Z of Photography appeared last week and with that a huge void in my life! With every end there is a new beginning, but before we reach that, where did the A to Z start, what topics did it traverse in its winding journey, and what were some of the highlights?

The advent of social media plunged the vast majority of us into a new era, face first. The alleged centrality of the medium to photographers meant your work is constantly under review, which isn't without consequences.

Dodging and burning is an old school technique that existed long before digital cameras and software. This does not mean it shouldn't be in a modern photographer's bag of tricks.

When it comes to alternatives to mainstream photo editing software, ACDSee has been one of the best and most popular options for many photographers. I've had the pleasure of using much of their software over the last year and I'm pretty excited about their latest edition.

If the Sony a9 summed up in one word is “performance,” the new a9 II in one word is “connectivity.”

Viviane Sassen Talks Process and Inspiration

One thing many of us struggle with in our journeys as photographers and filmmakers is finding what we want to say and then expressing it effectively through our chosen medium. In this short documentary about Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen, we get a look into what informs a photographers choice of subject matter and method of expression.

The demands of photographers have changed over the years when it comes to transporting their gear. For those who demand a bag that gets the job done and looks great while doing it, there are some great options on the market these days. Today we'll look at one such option, the f-stop Dyota 20.

Patrick and Lee critique the best pano photographs on Fstoppers.com. 

Lenses are critical, yet many photographers tend to attach mediocre entry-level zoom glass on their camera when there are plenty of affordable quality lenses on the market. Here is a personal selection of some of the best optics that can be found under $300.

A photographer’s Grinch-themed Christmas photoshoots have been going viral this week, making appearances on news outlets such as People and the Today Show. However, things have since taken a sour turn after the photographer received an email from Dr. Seuss Enterprises threatening legal action for using their character for commercial gain.

We can always do more to improve our photography, and it certainly helps to hear how an established professional thinks we can best accomplish that. This excellent video features a photographer discussing eight tips that will help you improve your photography.

The history of camera gear is rich with numerous unique lenses with rare capabilities and interesting designs. This fun video follows a photographer as he tests out several ultra-wide angle lenses.