In my opinion, if you really want to progress the level of your photography or your photography business, then finding a niche is vital. In this video, I go over some key steps to finding your niche.

A Complete Guide to Camera Autofocus Modes

When you are new to photography, there are numerous settings and parameters on your camera that are important to get to know. Amidst things like exposure settings, it can be easy to overlook the importance of really understanding every intricacy of your autofocus settings. This great video will get you up and running in no time.

Ahead of Nikon’s unveiling of the D6 DSLR, the price of current model the D5 has dropped to its lowest retail price after retailers discounted $1,000 from its MSRP.

Lowepro’s Trekker series of camera bags have long been a staple for outdoor photographers who need to comfortably carry larger loads into the field. Check out these new updates to the Pro Trekker backpacks.

Do you regularly work on video projects and find yourself spending a lot of time searching for various assets online? Motion Array has released a new extension for Adobe to help you cut down on the time you spend jumping between your project and your internet browser.

Planning for Autumn Photos

Autumn has arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it comes the opportunity for vibrant, colorful photos of the changing leaves. It is often just a few weeks that we get with those brilliant colors, however, so it is important to do some scouting and planning to be ready when the times arrives. This great video will give you some helpful tips to be ready to take some excellent images of the fall leaves.

The "Robot Revolution" is already underway, but it's meeting pockets of resistance, including one based in our photographic community. Fans of America’s most-visited theme park and photographers alike have recently banded together to save a small group of talented professionals from replacement by machinery.

A Seattle-based company has launched an invention that will help photo and video productions teams everywhere save huge amounts of time. Run the GaffGun G20NN0 Tape Applicator over a group of wires, and it can seamlessly tape them to the floor, revolutionizing how we stick loose wires down.

How Much RAM Do You Need for Lightroom?

Photographers can almost always use more RAM, particularly when they start working with larger and more complex files. How much do you really need for Lightroom, however? This interesting comparison video takes a look at operating times for the application when using 8 GB of RAM versus 32 GB of RAM to see how much more efficiently the program can run with some extra muscle with which to work.

Laowa is a lens manufacturer that is making waves over and over again. I had a chance to use their newest macro lens and put it through its paces to see if it can really rival its counterparts.