Luminar 4 Is Coming Soon: Here Is Fstoppers' Advance Review

There has been much talk about the upcoming version of Luminar 4 from Skylum software. I've tested an early beta release and found the new features, particularly sky replacement, rather incredible. Others will be more interested in the new AI Portrait tools, to which I also gave some attention. The bottom line is that Luminar 4 goes beyond any manual method of sky replacement for speed and accuracy. The portrait tools also work more quickly and easily than any software I've seen, including apps dedicated to portrait retouching.

Photographer Who Captured the Exact Moment a Marmot Was Spooked by a Fox Wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award

This year’s winning image from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 competition is a hilarious photo of a marmot startled by a fox. The prestigious award is given out every year by the Natural History Museum, London. This year, the comical snap of the exchange between the two animals took the grand prize and has since been described as being taken at the “perfect moment.”

Why You Should Try Shooting in the Rain

A lot of us do not like the rain for one reason or another, whether it is the fact that we simply do not enjoy getting wet (that would be me) or because we want to protect the thousands of dollars we have invested in sometimes delicate equipment. Still, there is a lot to be gained by occasionally venturing into the rain with your camera, and this awesome video discusses why you might want to try it yourself.

20 Posing Ideas for Men Who Aren't Models

Professional models can take a lot of the burden off the photographer by bringing their posing expertise to the table. However, you will not always have the benefit of shooting with a professional model, and it is important to have the ability to pose normal people. This great video will show you lots of posing ideas for men who are not models.

Critique the Community Submit Your Best Swimwear or Resort Wear Photos!

The Best Swimwear Photos Critiqued!
With With Joey Wright
Congratulations to the Winners!

Congrats to our winners in the Swimwear and Resort Wear critique! Please pick out which tutorial you want from the Fstoppers Store and David will reach out to you soon. 

To be a part of the next critique you can upload any photo that fits your interpretation of the word "wet."  All images must be posted by Oct 23rd before noon eastern time. Next week, 19 random images and the top rated image will be critiqued by the Fstoppers team.

When Is It a Bad Idea to Adapt Lenses?

One of the most interesting selling points of some mirrorless camera systems is their ability to adapt lenses from a wide variety of mounts, both legacy and current. But it is not always a good idea to simply throw an adapted lens on your camera and start shooting. This great video highlights the situations in which you should feel free to use an adapted lens and those in which you might want to consider using a native option.

Raw Power: A Review of the Panasonic S1H

The Panasonic S1H is a real powerhouse of a camera that has captured the attention of quite a few videographers and filmmakers. With its deep list of impressive specs, you might be wondering if it is the right camera to add to your kit. This excellent video review takes a look at it to answer that exact question.

The Nikon Z 50: Is This Camera a Mistake?

Among all of the major manufacturers currently operating in the photography industry, Nikon seems not to be in the strongest position. The battle for the number one position seems to be taking place between Canon and Sony, with Nikon destined for third place. Is Nikon falling behind because it's been making all the wrong decisions?