The Fascinating Process of Preserving a 200-Year-Old Photograph

It is easy to take for granted how easy it is to preserve our images these days; after all, we can create multiple copies of our photos in multiple locations with just a few clicks of the mouse. It was not always so easy, and as this great video shows, the process of preserving historical photographs can be incredibly delicate and require a highly skilled hand. Check out this great video to see the process in action.

Switching to Mirrorless? A Wildlife Photographer's View: Michelle Valberg

Imagine you’re somewhere deep in the Pacific Rain Forest to take pictures of the elusive spirit bear. It’s wet, and it’s cold. On top of that, the light is patchy, the shadows are dark. There’s a bit of movement down river. You lift your camera to your eye to capture the moment. In your imagination, what were you holding? A DSLR and a long lens? In actual fact, for some photographers, more and more often, it’s a mirrorless kit.

Adorama Unearthed: A Photography Series that Captures the American Rockies

The best parts of landscape photography is a mix of the planning and adventure to travel to and explore a new destination all while photographing the beauty of the area that you’re in. In this new series from Adorama, you have the opportunity to take a trip through the American Rockies with three photographers as they traverse some of the most beautiful and least seen lakes and mountains in the USA.