Incredible Aerial Photos From Iceland's Volcanic Eruption

Incredible Aerial Photos From Iceland's Volcanic Eruption

The most well known photographer in Iceland, Iurie Belegurschi, has just captured these remarkable photos from this week's lava eruption in the Holuhraun lava field. The lava field is being fed by the Bárðarbunga volcano, which has become incredibly active in the last couple days. For the last month, thousands of earthquakes in the region had both residents and photographers closely monitoring the situation, as it seemed a full scale eruption was imminent. While it is still to early to tell how long or intense this eruption will last, these photos clearly show that Bárðarbunga is indeed still awake, and refusing to go to sleep - at least not without putting on an incredible show first. 

You can find more from Iurie on his website

These photos were used with permission from the website Guide To Iceland.

Don't Try This At Home!
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Sara Smoot's picture

Wow cool!

Trevor Dayley's picture

That last shot was my fav!

Karl Petersson's picture

I think the images are really nice but my only beef with the is the first sentence, that this is the most famous photographer in Iceland.
I have lived here for 14 years and worked as a photographer most of that time and I have never heard of hime. This most be a fantastic miss from my side or this might be a joke I completely missed the point of.
If you wish to see some very good images from the Vulcano you might want to have a look at a photographer called Ragnar Th Sigrdsson on hes fb for Arctic Images page
He has been doing the icelandic Landscape since af far back as I can remember and if you think the feet image is good have a look at Ragnars picture oh hes car.

Michael Bonocore's picture

Hi Karl, there is a lot of great photographers in Iceland. I was simply referring to his half of a miion followers on Facebook.

Karl Petersson's picture

There are other media that also thinks he does well as a Landscape photographer... like Time.

Kim Peterson's picture

oh great, another FEET selfie... I am starting to love this just about as much as the good 'ol headlight selfie