Incredible Imagery of a Climber Scaling Frozen Niagara Falls

The world's eyes have been on climbing lately. With the recent incredible 19 day climb of the Dawn Wall in Yosemite Valley and now this, the Red Bull sponsored venture of scaling the frozen heights of Niagara Falls, climbing is producing some increasingly spectacular imagery. Canadian climber William Gadd became the first to ascend these icy walls - a dangerous stunt leaving us with incredible video and photos!

Just like everything these days, personal video cameras and accessibility to social media from just about anywhere in the world has put the spot light on many adventure sports. Some stunts that may go otherwise unnoticed are now being documented and recognized in all their grandeur in almost live-feed. Granted, Red Bull is known for their flare for the dramatic and pushing their sponsored athletes to pursue goals great and small; however, this stunt and the amazing imagery it has created is quite inspiring. 

In less than an hour, Gadd scaled the 147 foot cliff of the Horseshoe Section of Niagara Falls. Red Bull photographer Christian Pondella was nearby to capture this stunt. Framing Gadd's bright red jacket against the towering wall of pale blue and white ice made for some spectacular shots. Wielding pick axes and crampons, Gadd hacked at the frozen wall. Over 150,000 tons of water flowing next to him at almost 70mph adds for a nice consequence to the climb. "I've been ice climbing for 30 years now and this is the coolest thing I've ever done," Gadd exclaims "[As] an ice climber this is as big and as cool and interesting and wild as it gets."


[via RedBull & Gothamist]

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Balls of steel.

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"Over 150,000 tons of water flowing next to him at almost 70mph adds for a nice consequence to the climb."