John Crawford Shows Us A Bird's Eye Nude

This article contains media that the editors have flagged as NSFW.

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Auckland based photog John Crawford has come up with a really interesting view on nude photography, aerial nudes. John's use of composition and space in this series is what really draws attention to it. It is nude art done in a way that we wouldn't typically expect to see it, and it is quite refreshing to see a new take on such an ancient form of artistic expression. Enjoy!

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Its like a game of find the nude waldo. but i like these, i just don't know about the starfish pose, i wish it were shaken up a bit.

Yeah the pose gets old, besides that the concept is pretty awesome. Stupid question: did he sacrifice his model when the train came? I'm not quite seeing how this could have been done on location, must've been done in post through compositing, right?

Corey Melton's picture

yeah, seems that way :)

apercep's picture

 Trains do stop....

Rick McQuinlan's picture

I'd say it's mostly compositing, hence the same pose, etc.

bernard brand's picture

The pose isn't always the same. Sometimes the arms are pointed down or up at an angle or they're straight. And the train could've been standing still.

Andrew Houser's picture

Trains do do that, you know - stop every once in a while. It happens.

I too wish there was a bit more variety (dare I say 'femininity') in the pose, but then again, it's not my art.

johnbp123's picture

I love these! Very artistic and original.

Michael Murphy's picture

Excellent work. Take notice of the hints of sexual shaped objects in the images as well. could be my mind but i think it could have been a concious decision by the artist. I'd love to see these printed large and across a gallery wall. Cheers.

Hayley Stewart's picture

Really nice series, not so sure about its significance resting on the fact that they are nude, though.