Photographer Michael Salisbury Beautifully Captures the Urban Landscape of Chicago

Photographer Michael Salisbury Beautifully Captures the Urban Landscape of Chicago

Photographer Michael Salisbury’s stunning work captures the multifaceted urban landscape of Chicago, finding the symmetry and vivid color in often overlooked settings. Salisbury’s images showcase the intricate patterns of line and color created by the city’s massive buildings and public transportation systems; reminding us why, even in the busiest of urban environments, it pays to stop and look around.

Discovering photography in high school, Salisbury says he is inspried by the subjects he photographs-namely the architecture of Chicago-as well as the work of other photographers. He states that the process of deconstructing another photographer’s images is both a source of inspiration and a good learning tool. Salisbury mentions, though, that the most important thing he’s learned is to be patient; “Being patient and carefully evaluating composition really makes a difference in a photo. That seems like a no-brainer, but there was a time where I would just run outside and shoot as much as I could, and hope to get a couple decent photos. I’ve come a long way from that, I think.”

With an enviable portfolio of urban photography, Salisbury says he hopes to expand his work to include human subjects; capturing some of the many “visually interesting” people he encounters on the streets of Chicago.

You can find more of Michael Salisbury’s work on Flickr and Instagram.

All images used with permission.

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Amazing images!

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Very methodical and uniform leading lines.
Really nice and well thought out photographs.

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These are incredible - something to aspire too. Great work Michael !

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Truly captivating!

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Simply amazing!