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Tiny Seattle: Photographer Captures Whimsical Aerial Photos of Pacific Northwest

Photographer Jacqui Kerness’ images of the Pacific Northwest are a whimsical take on classic aerial photography. Through incorporating a different perspective, using miniature faking, well-known monuments in the region become toy-like and comical.

Kerness photographed the Seattle area from a 1960’s float plane, soaring over 500 feet in the air to document the beauty of the region over the course of several seasons. Kerness opted, though, to move beyond classically shot images of the Pacific Northwest, incorporating a technique commonly referred to as “miniature faking”. Through selectively blurring areas of the image, depth of field is made shallow and the subjects appear as though part of a miniature toy set or diorama. Of her decision to use miniature faking, Kerness says, “I wanted to capture a far different perspective of how the majority get to view the Pacific Northwest.”

Capitol Hill Cemetery, Seattle
Space Needle, Seattle
Finney Hill, Seattle
White Pass, Yukon/Alaska
Rainbow Townhomes, Seattle
Ferris Wheel, Seattle
Famous Houseboats on Lake Union, Seattle
University of WA, Seattle

You can find more of Jacqui Kerness’ work on her website.

Images courtesy Jacqui Kerness, used with permission.

Via [BoredPanda], [Exposure Guide]

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jacqueline kerness's picture

Ansel - You are absolutly 100 percent correct! With that said - it is not possible to do tilt shift from a moving aircraft - at least not that I have figured out LOL!! So I thought this would be a nice compromise and there of course - is some trial and error!

jacqueline kerness's picture

Thanks! Its fun being up above it all regardless!!! I am a lucky girl to have such opportunity!

Thaddeous Jordan's picture

Pretty sweet stuff!