The US Air Force's Year In Pictures: A Beautiful Display Of Aviation Photography

The US Air Force's Year In Pictures: A Beautiful Display Of Aviation Photography

Check out this amazing collection of images of the world's most expensive toys. Over the last year, the USAF has assembled their best images into this slideshow, and it's really quite something. Check out a few of the images in the post, and be sure to visit the USAF's slideshow page, where there are many more images, all provided in glorious high-resolution for your desktop-using pleasure.

What a job this would be! An all access pass to the world's fastest and most expensive technological marvels? Yes please!



















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Fro's picture

Whoa, they let WOMEN fly these planes? Or just propaganda posing? Very dangerous IMO

I KNOW RIGHT! Never seen so many buttons in a kitchen before... 

That woman happens to be a Thunderbird pilot -- the best of the best.

woman should cook... period.

^ Surely you're kidding. SMDH.


but that is a excellent shot of the F16

^ You from Saudi Arabia Fro? Or just a sexist pig? 

Vip Angkoon Klangchanee's picture

Fro is from the Taliban :D

Alex Patience Recupero's picture

I'm in the USAF, and a photographer. I was very proud to see my branch and my hobby rolled up into one on my favorite photo website. Fly. Fight. Win.

Dennis Katinas's picture

yeah keep killing those punk ass children and woman who are no harm to anyone :) you reap what you sow. 

Seen better, Shot better

Uh-huh.  If by 'shot better' you're referring to those mobile phone snapshots of those airplanes on your pathetic facebook page, you're right.  Master work.  Moron. Shut the fuck up and enjoy the daily entries.


Angry, much?

23 and so pissed...wonder if you'll turn into an old fart...oh, wait, you already are!

 Please, link his FB! With that kind of retarded comment, I have to see his work!

Casey, I would love to, but I already tried with the dipshit above us, Domagoj Kunic, who is one of the constant 'meh-ers' on here, by linking his riveting photos of shoes, but one of the admins must have taken it down.  However, a simple search on Google can give you both :-).  I think a prereq on this site from here forward is that every Debbie Downer needs to post one of their 'masterpieces' for everyone else to weigh in on.  Morons.

Mike Kelley's picture

Let's see it - if so, I'd be glad to write a post about it.

Mike, this needs to drip with more sarcasm!

Really? lets see em then.

yeah well paul but you are a liar..... we all know that.

MIkael Sundberg's picture

Great shots, just love the one with the loader on the ramp

Not sure if you are talking about the last photo, but as a crew chief on the wonderful F-15 I have to tell you she is a crew chief.

Great photography. I know from personal experience that the ramp shot is hard to get right - I have my own far smaller set for the British Military...

Nice shots pjapk

Quite minimal Afghanistan content, which is understandable really if it's a PR exercise.

Alain's picture

I'm happy that your "tire does fit". 
Now turn your engine on and move on. Or show us these pics.

Lance White's picture

Wow, great photography. Harrington and Fro can fall off one of those ramps and that would be OK.

Cool stuff.

Morris Langeveld's picture

like fourth of bottum with big plane and clear sky with all those stars

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