Wedding Photographer Takes Gorgeous Video Using Drone

This is by far one of the most gorgeous drone videos I've ever seen. Shot in California by Adam Rubin of Kaveret, its elegance and narrative beauty make it stand far above the crowded playing field. 

Though drones are primarily used for landscape and cityscape photography, I've begun to see them slowly make their way into the engagement and wedding photography field, where the unique perspective they afford can offer a way of taking in the extravagance of a wedding day that no other means can. This seems to have been just the wedding to show that capability off. Shot by the Pacific Ocean at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, the aerial perspective really brings the beauty of the wedding and the surroundings into focus simultaneously in a way that photography from the ground simply wouldn't be able to achieve. I spoke with Rubin, and he mentioned the video was shot on his DJI Phantom 4 while flying completely manually.

Have you used drones in any of your wedding work? They surely present unique challenges in such a situation, but as Rubin has demonstrated, they can produce some beautiful and unique results. Be sure to follow him on Vimeo and Facebook!

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Yossi Itzinger's picture

If he shot in 4k and exported in 1080, he probably didn't even fly it that close, which minimizes both the "danger" and the noise.
Enjoy an incredibly shot (almost) single take sequence without whining. You'll survive :)

Matthias Edling's picture

The Number of people who see such wonderful and important moments through their phones is to damn high! On what porpuse did this couple hire professional weeding photo/videographers? They gonna make the best vids n pictures for the memories, far far better then this ridiculous phone vids, they just ruin the shoot, thanks.
The vid on it self is beautiful!

Juan Osorio's picture

I thought flying drones over people or traffic was illegal. This is the link to the FFA about commercial drones:

I learned today you can fly over people with a waiver.

The video is beautiful! I wouldn't take the chance of turning somebody's wedding into a small or big accident.

Umar Faruq's picture

Awesome. Don't know why everyone talking about noise, a little noise is allowed when you can get such beautiful video. Here are the best drones with 4k camera Make your memories beautiful.

Michael Ericsson's picture

Wow, this is amazing. I just bought a drone this year and was thinking about incorporating in a wedding if one of my wedding couples is willing to have the sound of a flying lawnmower at their wedding.