World's First Drone Light Painting Rings In the Holidays with Style

Leave it to a German drone company to create the world's first light painting by drone with a fully programmed flight path, all to create one fantastic holiday time-lapse of Santa Claus delivering presents. Perhaps the most unique part of the project isn't the world-first of programming a drone to complete a multi-colored light painting, but is instead the reimagining of Santa Claus' method of delivery, as something more similar to that of your neighborhood newspaper boy with perfect accuracy.

The company responsible for this technology is Ascending Technologies, whose technicians programmed the entire automated flight path, light-color-changing included. This is the pro's version of the Pixelstick. While we've all heard of drone companies such as DJI and MōVI, Ascending Technologies might be a little less known. However, their promotional video demo-ing their technology is simply stunning. I have absolutely no need for just how robust their drones seem to be, but I can think of a million ways to take advantage of that. And I want it. I've taken the liberty of fast-forwarding to the demo portion of the video:

​Check out Ascending Technologies' entire post on the creation of the Christmas special for more behind-the-scenes information about how they did it.

[Via PetaPixel]

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Mike Freestone's picture

Haha, well I guess that's cool??

It's good to think that the technology is capable of that, which could open the door for better uses (maybe?). But that seems like a lot of time and work to produce those results that could've been done in PS / AE.