From Sydney to the Outback: Julie Fletcher's Incredible Australian Landscapes

From Sydney to the Outback: Julie Fletcher's Incredible Australian Landscapes

After becoming disenchanted by a mundane lifestyle in Sydney Australia 12 years ago, Julie Fletcher escaped and found solace in travelling throughout and photographing the remote and wild lands of Australia. Capturing the colours of the desert to the night sky, Fletcher has produced a formidable and impressive body of work which illustrates the majesty the Australian landscape exudes.  Fletcher currently resides in a small town in South Australia using it as a base as she explores the Outback. This isolated area can be challenging and dangerous at the best of times and Fletcher has bravely taken it in her stride to capture the raw and majestic beauty of the untamed terrain. 

Graveyard - Menindee Lake NSW
Lost in Space - Maree, South Australia
Isolation - Lake Erye, South Australia
Bright Eyes - Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Gunyah sand dunes - Coffin Bay, South Australia
Mungo National Park, NSW
Remarkable rocks - Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Solitary - Parachilna outback, South Australia
Washed away - Port Willunga, South Australia
Esperence, Western Australia

Find more of Julie Fletcher's work and information on workshops here: Website and Facebook.

All images used with permission.

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Matt Allan's picture

That shot of Ayres Rock is probably the best I have ever seen. Glorious work.

Ralph Berrett's picture

I'm jealous, awesome work. I have no ability for this kind work. Very cool always good to see such expressive work.

Claude Lee Sadik's picture

I just came back from Australia and I recognise some of these landscapes! At some point, I was not far from the Mungo Park but never got the chance to visit it... Beautiful photos Julie! Here's a video I did in the outback for a travel agency while I was over there:

Shane Biggins's picture

I live relatively close to many of these locations and can't believe what Julie has wrung from them. Bravo.

Andre Kreitlein's picture

You catch the Australian landscape really great. I'm impressed in your work and it makes me to go back Australia and enjoy more time there. Thanks for sharing.

Kathryn Costello's picture


Jozef Povazan's picture

This is how long exposure scenic shots should look like. Great images Julie! Time to visit kangaroo guys :)

Spy Black's picture

I can understand her wanting to watermark her work, but I think she kinda blew it on the Gunyah sand dunes shot.

Beautiful body of work however.

Christian Berens's picture

those are simply amazing!!!

Dr. Dominik Muench's picture

As someone who lives in Australia, fantastic work !
Especially Ayers rock in such an unusual style, awesome.

Mark Keane's picture

I just love Oz. Wonderful photography. Makes me want to be there right now.