Wildlife Photographer Helps Save Elk Trapped in Swing Set

A Colorado wildlife photographer stumbled upon an elk tangled in a swing and spent hours trying to help him. 

Jacqueline Crivello set out Wednesday morning for a day of shooting in gorgeous Estes Park. The last thing she expected to see was a giant elk tangled up in a swing, in a panic to get out. Crivello called the police right away, but sadly found herself waiting hours for help to arrive. She watched as the elk continued to suffer, trying to free his antlers from the swing. She called again and was ready to cut the elk free if no one showed up soon, a task that would have been very dangerous for her. Thankfully, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer came to the rescue and tranquilized the elk to set him free. 

The ranger helped the sleeping elk wake up by pouring water on his body. An hour later, he came to, and the ranger and award-winning photographer watched as he strolled back into the woods safe and sound. Crivello's story is a heartwarming reminder of how unpredictable, exciting, and rewarding photography can be. You never know what or who you might stumble upon with your camera in hand, especially in the wild.  

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