How to Double the Resolution of Your Images From the iPhone 11 Pro

The latest iPhone now offers some incredible features for photography. Considering the fact that the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world, it's great to see how Apple has continued to develop its cameras to offer even better features.

In our latest video, Anete and I demonstrate a technique that allows you to produce high-quality, detailed images with just your smartphone. Although Apple has continued to develop its cameras, image quality is still an area where it's not really comparable to many dedicated cameras on the market. The biggest issue with many smartphones is how much noise is present in images even when shot at the base ISO. In the video linked above, we demonstrate a technique you can use to not only reduce the amount of noise in an image but also produce noticeably more detail too. For many professionals, this technique may not be something new, and it's probably something you've tried already with one of your dedicated cameras. Having said that, the fact that you can also implement these techniques quite easily with your smartphone gives a lot of flexibility in my view. Your smartphone is probably with you at almost all times, and there may be occasions where you need something more than just a quick snap. This is also a great technique for beginners who are looking to improve their photography skills, because the technique can help you overcome several key issues related to gear.

Check out the full video linked above. 

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EL PIC's picture

Cell phone Pixel Shit ..

Spy Black's picture

...which is probably not that far off in cellphones...

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I like the feature where it lets me get on the web to look for real cameras. I think it's called Google.

Why not just use the Hydra app? It combines stacking with pixel shifting and outputs a 36 MP photo that is super clean. You can even direct it to which lens to use. (On my 7 Plus it allows my choice of regular or telephoto, and I *believe* on the 11 Pro Max you can also select the super-wide lens.)

I don't know if FS will upload a full-res. photo, but here are two Hydra shots hand-held directly OOC from a 7 Plus, both measuring 6528 x 4896.

This looks cool, Paul. I will give it a try thanks.

Good technique to know when you don't have a larger camera available.

Nice article and useful tips. I’ll just have to bite the bullet and buy the damn iPhone 11 I guess.

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Save your time Hydra app will take 100 pic and do it better and faster (thank me later)

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I'm not sure if it's better as I did a comparison and you can produce better results with this method compared to the app. One of the keys reasons is because you have full raw control and more access to each individual file. The app is convenient but it isn't better. It's just a different way with it's own advantages and downsides.

You also can't create panorama stacks with that app.

Not saying the app isn't great but understanding how to do the technique is very valuable because then you know and understand how to do it on any camera.

It's like the difference between shooting in auto and understanding manual controls in a camera. Sure auto is great but having an understanding of how to use your camera is important.

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Aniston -- who will appear in AppleTV+'s "The Morning Show," was reportedly gifted an iPhone 11 -- as were other stars who'll appear in the streamer's original content.

Way better than a DSLR!

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It’s a decent camera but not way better than a DSLR lol.