You Can Now Create 'Moving' 3D Pictures Using a Mobile App

You Can Now Create 'Moving' 3D Pictures Using a Mobile App

A brand new mobile photography app, developed by two 20-year-olds, has just been released, allowing users to create 3D pictures in seconds.

The app, appropriately titled FILM3D, lets you create “moving pictures” replicating the effect of a 3D photo. The process resembles that of taking a panorama; once you’ve selected a subject to shoot, users are required to move their phone to the right, capturing the subject from differing angles in the process.

You’ll benefit most by keeping your subject as centered as possible, steadily edging around it. It can help create portraits with more of a dimension.

Once you’ve got a 3D picture that you’re happy with, you can add your bog-standard (but oh-so-essential) filters over the top to complete the look.

Abdou Sarr and Mo Alissa created the app in nine months. “We wanted it to be so easy that your grandparents could pick up the phone and start taking 3D photos,” said Sarr.

Sarr’s previous effort, Celestial, became one of the top 50 health apps in North America back in 2015.

Ordinarily to achieve an effect such as the one in FILM3D, you’d require a vintage film camera such as the Nimslo or a Nishika N8000, with the photos needing lengthy Photoshop time in order to create the final result.

With the rising popularity of GIFs and Boomerangs, it’ll be interesting to see if this style of photo also sees a surge in popularity. At the time of writing, the app is only available for iOS and can be downloaded via the App store, free of charge. It has currently peaked at #22 in the Canadian Photo and Video chart.

Lead image credit: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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Wasn't there already an app / social site where you created moving images (like 3-D), using the same motion to take the image as this app, and then shared it to the community where others did the same, could follow you, comment, like.... ? It was a few years ago I remember having it but forgot what it was.

Its really a cool app. Recently got it from TopStore ( This app has all latest features. Now taking 3D photos is much easy with this app.