Amy Heiden Shoots Abandoned Places

Amy Heiden Shoots Abandoned Places

Some of you might feel you have been abandoned with recent Fstoppers outages while we were dealing with malicious code and moving the site to a fresh server. Well, we're back with a fresh start, so hopefully we'll be okay going forward! Here are some great photos by Amy Heiden that really do conjure feelings of abandonment. Let's have this last bit of loneliness and be done with it!


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I really need to find some abandoned buildings near where I live. Very cool.

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Some of these locations are an Urban Explorers wet dream.

Might as well post my own:

Some very subtle composites there John, I like them greatly. =)

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Cheers Chris, no composites though, what you see is what was there. Which ones are you referring to, incidentally? I'm intrigued!

On Portfolio the chap in the black framed glasses with the sky blue background looks like he's a very subtle composite, as well as the fella rubbing his head. 

Are they just high structure? 

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Oh I see, I thought you just meant in the Urban section! No, those aren't composites either, though. They're just gelled lights fired at the back wall of my studio. :)

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when shooting in a abandoned building do you have to have any permissions, is it even legal?

In the UK it's classed as trespassing, however you will only ever receive a caution from the police for trespassing and slapped on the wrist and let go. If you break and enter, it's up to the land owner to prosecute, nine times out of ten, if you're a photographer they won't bother, the time it takes to hammer back up an old board with a handful of nails isn't worth the time.

Great shots!

Great shots.  I just got into this and you can see some posts from an old abandoned Bulgarian monument below.