Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Europe: Meet Urbex Master Andre Govia

Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Europe: Meet Urbex Master Andre Govia

With it being halloween and all, I figure this would be a perfect set of shots for it. Andre Govia has a very good eye for the creepy and scary shots. This series of shots from abandoned locations in Europe are simply spectacular. He is currently on a tour to capture the most haunted and creepy images he can and is doing a very very good job of it so far.

Make sure to check out the rest of his shots here.

There is also a video from the amusement park shots!
via - ilovethesepics.com

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Fantastic!!!!!! Thanks for sharing these!!!

Incredible images! Love the look and depth.


It's worth noting that Andre is one of the original Urbex photographers in the UK, and his work, along with Romany WG and a few others is some of the best out there.

A lot of people might not like the HDR, but Andre is someone who makes it work in almost every shot.

He's a lovely guy, too. 

Incredible pictures. Pure art if you ask me. Really, really nice. And good use of HDR. Set's the mood perfectly.

The video could've been made so much better though... An abandoned theme park with actual working ferris wheel deserves some proper cinematography ;)

for creepy images you need a vignete thats for sure.....

Glad to see you featuring one of my buddies out here.  I've been talking with Andre for years and it's nice to see the body of his work and unique style featured here!

I actually think it would be more creepy if it had a more realistic feel. In terms of HDR these are great and in terms of the shots themselves they are great but I think the hdr is too overly done for my taste.Its the most prevalent thing I see when I look at the photos..I love the clown photo most because of the more realistic feel.IMO


Saw the pictures on the Daily Hate website, I think they are brill, but then again I would I do loads of HDR myself, check out these near my place, not hearly half as good as Andres but people like them.http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonemapped/sets/72157638423292633/