We Sit Down With Globetrotting Wilderness and Urbex Artist K. R. Whitley

Over a year ago, after having discovered his work a year before that, I felt it necessary to introduce Fstoppers' readers to photographer K. R. Whitley, the world traveling wilderness/landscape and urbex artist. Since then, Whitley has traveled even more and expanded his work in some bold, new directions. I brazenly invited him to an interview at my house, and thankfully he agreed.

K. R. Whitley sees the "dark beauty", as he puts it, in the otherwise "light beauty" that is often seen in nature photos, mostly opting for cloudy skies and blighted terrain over sunny skies and sandy beaches any day of the week. This doesn't mean Whitley is a dark, brooding individual; quite the opposite, really. He speaks intelligently about his work with great enthusiasm, motivation and drive. 

But in knowing what inspires him, and what he knows he specifically wants to achieve on a photography trip, he stays laser focused on the tasks at hand. While every landscape photographer has to enter the wilds hoping mother nature cooperates that day, Whitley has found ways to improvise on days when cooperation is not on the weather's mind. 

K. R. Whitley, on location in Dorset, UK, doing his thing.

Ultimately, nature photographers always end up with the greatest stories of their treks (something I am jealous of!), and Whitley is no exception. To say he is well traveled would be an understatement, but I'll leave you with part one of his extended interview with us at The Backyard so you can hear a glimpse of what he's been to - and some never-before-seen images from his latest trips.


​And do check out some of Whitley's work below, compiled by me as a sort of mix of my personal favorites and some of his latest.

[Images copyright K. R. Whitley, used with permission]

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