Where Art Meets Architecture 3 Behind The Scenes Episode 7

Our Behind the Scenes series continues this week with Episode 7. In this episode, we continue filming WAMA 3 with Mike Kelley in Charleston, while I also teach him how to kiteboard. 

Like last week's episode that also covered a lot of the post processing involved with this tutorial, Episode 7 continues that trend. We try to show you guys a little bit of our filming process but in an attempt to make days of Photoshop fun to watch, we've added in all of the other things we do to entertain ourselves outside of work. I'm proud to say that since this episode was filmed, Mike has purchased all of his own kite equipment and he's now quite good. Luckily his humble beginnings were filmed for your enjoyment. 

Make sure you keep an eye out next week for the final episode in this series and if you'd like to learn more about the full tutorial you can check it out in the Fstoppers Store

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Pat Black's picture

but where was paintball!

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

It failed to export.

I couldn't get our paintball session to work. It was just a jumble of noisy footage.

Pat Black's picture

so pretty much like the actual day of paint-balling, with less of my screams

Patrick, Lee, about the projects not exporting from Premiere, I had that on some occasions too. Every time it was because one of the clips was somehow "corrupt" (even though the timeline is all green !!). To find which one, the fastest way (but still a PITA) I know of is using dichotomy. So I try to export two halves of the timeline, and find which is the corrupt one, then try to export each halves of that one and so on ... until I can narrow it to the "corrupt" clip. Then I re-import the corresponding file into Premiere and usually it does the trick in the end.

Patrick Hall's picture

Why then does the project magically export when you reboot or use another computer or change from mercury playback to software? I've never had to not use a clip because of the render errors; instead I just finally get premiere to work.