Fstoppers Workshop Atlantis, The 5 Day Event In The Bahamas

After 2 years of planning we are extremely excited to announce Fstoppers Workshop Atlantis, our first ever live workshop event. We have 10 incredible instructors and we will be limiting the size of the event to around 200 students. The best part is the location; we are throwing this event at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. 

Probably the hardest part of planning this event was picking the location. We didn't want to another giant workshop in Vegas. Instead we wanted it to be small enough that we could all get to know each other and we wanted it to be in a family friendly location. We started looking at islands in the Bahamas but we had trouble finding venues that were big enough to hold everyone, relatively affordable, and relatively easy to get to. All that changed when we visited Atlantis resort on the island of Nassua.

As you can see in the video below, Atlantis has something for everyone.


We got an incredible room rate of just $169/night (that you could split with another person if you want). And flights to Nassau from the US are just $300-$500 from most major airports.

Once we picked our location we called 10 of the most influential photographers in the industry today and got them to join the team. I could continue to write more here but it will be easier for you guys to check out the workshops website at www.FstoppersWorkshops.com.

If you're interested please sign up for the mailing list on FstoppersWorkshops.com and join the Facebook group for this event here. We would also love to hear your thoughts on this event in the comments below. Since this event is limited to around 200 people we assume that it will sell out relatively quickly so don't expect that your class will still be available in a couple months. I can't wait to meet you in person next year in Paradise. I know it will be an unforgettable event.

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paulfrederiksen's picture

Ignore me. I was thinking the workshops were just a few hours (I browsed to quickly). Since they are full day classes, they make more sense.

Patrick Hall's picture

Who are you referring to? We let the instructors set their own prices so they should be similar to what they are already booking else where.

Patrick Hall's picture

Yep classes are half day, full day, and two days....then on Friday everyone is speaking for free so you can hear something from each instructor in different fields of photography

Lee Morris's picture

And to be clear, the event on Friday with all of the instructors is included for free for those who attend.

Lukas Prochazka's picture

Do you have any schoralship for it? :D

Lee Morris's picture

No but we may offer some sort of deposit system if you don't have the funds right now.

Ashish Bokey's picture

How much would be price for this workshop?

John_Skinner's picture

I had about 3 paragraphs written respectfully.. I've just deleted all of it.

Good luck with your new expansion methods and income generation.. It's certainly worked out for Kelby and the gang.

Trevor Schneider's picture

I'm not able to register on the site guys! Not able to get the contact page to work either

Daniel S's picture

Just so you guys get a gist of what this will start to cost you:
Flight, hotel, one two-day course: $2400. Not including taxes, fees, travel insurance, food, etc.

Remember that flights skyrocket as you get closer to the date. So, you'll need to decide quite soon if you want to keep simply getting there and doing 1 class under $3K.

Hands-on is a great way to learn, but if this is too steep: CreativeLIVE.