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5 Ways to Improve Your Astrophotography

If you are looking for great tips on how to improve your astrophotography and workflow, Alyn Wallace has released a great video with 5 easy to follow tips on how to improve your astrophotography and take it to the next level.

Alyn Wallace has long been one of my favorite astrophotographers who regularly publishes fantastic content on YouTube, Wallace is an incredible photographer who is able to offer great tips and tricks on photographing the night sky around the world.

In this video, Wallace is offering 5 of his best tips on how you can improve your astrophotography. Some of these tips may be straightforward enough such as to just get out there and shoot. That might seem a little too simple, however, Wallace explains it very well in that, he is often approached and asked which lens will be best for certain situations and sometimes the best answer is to just go out there and use that lens to decide for yourself.

Wallace also covers other important issues such as software, composition, and color science, he also provides several other great places you can get more resources to aid you in your learning and development. Color science is one I'm very intrigued about reading into more and I'm looking forward to Wallace producing more content on this in the future.

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Greg Sheard is a Scottish based photographer, focusing on wildlife, landscape and portrait work. Greg's mission in life is too help those who suffer with mental health issues and be a voice for the millions of people around the world who need that care, attention and awareness.

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