Looking to Get Into Astrophotography? Check Out This Cheap Equatorial Mount

Astrophotography can be an incredibly rewarding and awe-inspiring photography genre to get into, but it can also requires loads of specialized equipment that is decidedly not cheap. This awesome video review takes a look at a budget option to see if it can still get great results that make it worth the cost.

Coming to you from Milky Way Mike, this great video review takes a look at the new version of the iOptron Skytracker Pro equatorial mount. If you've not seen an equatorial mount before, they work by countering the rotation of the Earth to enable you to take longer exposures of the night sky without experiencing blurring of the stars and the like. This is crucial, as light is at a premium in this genre, and doing everything you can to get more of it is the name of the game. Even if you're not that interested in astrophotography, at $299, the Skytracker Pro is an interesting option simply to improve your nighttime landscape shots or to occasionally try something different without putting a serious dent in your wallet. Check out the video above for the full rundown. And if you want to see some stunning examples of astrophotography, check out the work from our January 2018 Photographer of the Month, Josh Borup

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Good write-up! I hope it's ok to give a PSA for those who are truly budget conscious: an even cheaper option exists called the Nyx Tracker, starting at $109. I'm it's creator and my mission is to lower the cost of entry to astrophotography. Check it out, just another option! www.nyxtech.us

It can! Attached is my setup with a Canon 5D Mk II from a shoot just the other night. And an image captured with a Canon 5D Mk III and the Nyx Tracker. Of course, the lighter the camera the more stable it is, but I use it with full frame DSLRs almost every time I go out.

Yes, exactly! Soon to be offered on my store. :) I find it very useful to check the camera without touching it, to make sure it's still on target.