All Male Motorcycle Dealership Mocks Adverts With Their Own Sexy Photoshoot

It’s not too uncommon for an automotive dealership to hire a gorgeous female model in a bikini to grab the attention of onlookers and potential buyers. MotoCorsa in Portland, Oregon decided to do just that, however, after shooting, the male staff decided that they could do it better. The recreations of each photo are hilarious.

It started, when MotoCorsa hired model Kylie Shea Lewallan to be part of a photoshoot, posing seductively along side a Ducati 1199. However, upon seeing the shots, the staff of the dealership decided they could do better, and tried their hand at recreating the same poses.


Be sure to check out AsphaltRubber’s coverage for even more photos of these surprisingly impressive photos.

[via AsphaltRubber]

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Bert McLendon's picture

hahahahahaha! Awesome!

C V's picture

I'm not feel'in it.

Patrick Daniel McCue's picture

hahahaha oh man this is hilarious.

Leslie's picture

God bless these guys! Absolutely love them for this.

Timothy Jace's picture

Would be even better if its the Ducati Engineers/ Designers posing for the machines they created. haha!

Metalurgico Rubberized's picture

I don't get it

Jaron Schneider's picture

That last guy needs about two more inches on his heels.

trucanadian's picture

Lol... AJ Nistico is by far my most favorite kind of guy. :-) Hot pose.

Scottie Warman's picture

So awesome!!!

TexasGirl's picture

That's great!

Sieben Stern's picture

all they needed was a spray tan ;D

Eliot's picture

That's a good looking bike.

Tobias Solem's picture

Male anatomy is as graceful as a bag of cinder blocks.

Manel Díaz's picture

hahahahahah excellent

RE Casper's picture

This had me laughing good and proper. Well done MotoCorsa.

Robert Sakowski's picture

:D what a great Idea!

Aleksandar's picture

hahaha this was funny and interesting.

Syed Moin Doja's picture

this was so funny!

vagueiimages's picture

...too funny (method in the madness) xx