Becoming a Professional Automotive Photographer

Becoming a Professional Automotive Photographer

Everyone wants to succeed in whichever photography genre they are passionate about, that's a given. While the automotive photography world is one of very high standards, and not easy to break into, how often do you stop to think about the fundamental things you should be doing to achieve said success? Ravi Angard of ShiftHype takes you through some key points with the help of some professional automotive shooters' insight.

This sort of sums it rather succinctly, but the article is worth a detailed review for sure. On top of that, these guidelines apply to pretty much any photography genre, and is perfectly stated and rational advice for anyone trying to take their business to the next level.

You would do well to take a moment to check out what Ravi has to say along with professional automotive photographers Andrew Link, Jeff Creech and Jeremy Cliff.  Make sure to read the full article on ShiftHype, and step up your automotive shooting business already, instead of making racing driver excuses.

[via ShiftHype]

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Austin Burke's picture

I've been working at a car dealership for some of my income shooting their online sales photos but the lack of creativity and shooting the same 40 images in the same location is really killing me and this article I think helped shift me into gear (you bet the pun was intended) and look more into automotive photography. It really is one of those photography niches that seems to be the hardest to find information about.

Barbara Jelly's picture

Beautiful photography. I agree automotive photography falls under the niche photography.