Behind The Scenes With Dave Hill For 2014 Vanity Fair Fiat Ad

Dave Hill and crew have put together a behind the scenes documentary video to showcase their latest collaboration with Fiat for a unique four concept ad in Vanity Fair. Watch as they break down the concepts and show you in detail the amount of work and production that went into each image!fiat_dave_hill_vanity_fair

In 2012 Dave Hill was commissioned by Fiat to create an ad for them in Vanity Fair. That was the first time he worked with the company and the image he produced pleased them so much that they commisioned him again this year for another ad in Vanity Fair, only this time, they had four unique concepts centered around various film genres.





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Noam Galai's picture

Amazing work

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Dave Hill's work is amazing as always... I do see one issue though. In the "Thriller" image the model does not have a shadow. I realize it's a cloudy day but contrasting against the car's shadow it really looks a bit awkward, particularly her left foot.

Savi You's picture

I love the style of processing...I wonder how it's achieved?

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That is all 100% incredible!! My favorite is the "simple" film noir shot, but they each are great in their own!! Great job to the whole team, and the BTS was one of the best i've seen!

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That's amazing. I'm going back to my point n shoot.

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incredible !!!

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Very cool! I love when people can take a concept to the stratosphere...especially in a way that I have no interest in doing. Sometimes it's just nice to be amazed. I do what I do and they do what they do. Incredibly