[BTS + Pics] Volvo's Photoshoot in Gotland, Sweden: Behind the Scenes

Here's a behind the scenes video for Volvo's upcoming Summer campaign shoot. They traveled to Gotland, Sweden, which appears to be absolutely gorgeous. Don't be fooled, the guy with the smaller camera is a model, not the photographer. Thanks to a friendly reader, we know that the photographer is Gothenburg-based Marcel Pabst. The video is very well done and the song is quite catchy. Here are the final images from the shoot:


From Amy Hobbs:

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nice... maybe someone could identify which lens he used?

Sukhdeep Singh Pannu's picture

It seems like canon 24-70 2.8 


Karl Filip Karlsson's picture

Iam from sweden and dont have a clue who this photographer could be!

One thing i find time and again - there are more photographers in the world than people.

 He has a beard though, so he's a legitimate swede :)

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Marcel is a pretty well known Swedish commercial photographer actually.

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Nice Video, the model is not holding a film camera, its the Fuji X100
I don't know the photographer but he is really good

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Really like the editing of the photos. The video isn't very informative though, and the first photo looks like an add for the x100

This is Gothenburg based commerical photographer Marcel Pabst. I had a class/ lecture with him in his studio in Gothenburg. He is working alot with Volvo and is recognized by the very fine tuned desaturated colours. Visit: http://www.marcelpabst.se/

Nice shots, but very poor BTS..

I'm in Gotland right now doing workshops with Swedish National Heritage, and we drove around the island today taking photos. I can tell you, it really is gorgeous! This is a snap I took last night on my iphone in Visby. 


Fetching image ...
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Ungh, what's with the ugly halos and tone compression?

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Seriously stretching the term "behind the scenes".....

for real..

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 At least its finally a decent automotive photographer though...

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I shot this at Gotland. The place is a real beauty.

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It's more of a "smiling happy people holding hands" than a "behind the scenes". But the shots are good...

Really like the style with the desaturated colors. Would be more interested in the post-process than the people holding hands. But good shots!