Eight Tips for a Car Rolling Shoot

Automotive rolling shots are great way of capturing cars on the road and in action to give viewers the feeling of speed. Moe Zainal is a professional automotive photographer from Bahrain, and in this video, he shares his tricks that he uses while working.

Having a natural-looking blur on camera is tricky, therefore most professional photographers use rig systems that can be mounted on the vehicles, however, these systems take too long to build, and quite frankly, are a bit expensive. Also, car-mounted rig systems require permits for use on most locations, as the whole system can cover two lanes on the road. Besides that, with the car-mounted rig systems, you are limited to certain focal lengths due to the length of the bar attached to the car. There are longer systems available for use as well, but they are even more expensive, and you need an experienced crew to build the whole system. Therefore, a car-to-car rolling shoot might be a better option for those who want to try this technique.

This technique is also useful for shooting other vehicles and even for people doing sports. All you need is a car and the help of a friend as your driver. If you have ever tried this technique, please share your tips in the comments section below.

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very helpful. thanks

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It's always a plus when a journalist spells your home country correctly...

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Thank you for sharing this.