Great BTS Video Of Ad With Nascar Drivers Jeff Gordon & Kasey Kahne

Our friend, retoucher and commercial photographer Clint Davis is no stranger to this site. He was nice enough to share this awesome behind-the-scenes video from this recent ad campaign. The most impressive part aside from the images themselves? The fact that he only had about five minutes per setup while working alongside a separate video shoot.

According to Clint:

Pepsi has been on a roll with their advertising lately, and again I’m excited to be a part of their latest project with NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon and Kasey Kahne… and whew, what an action-packed day!! My main job was to grab on-location studio shots of Jeff and Kasey, but I would also be running and gunning around the GoPro Motorplex afterwards for action shots. So, I had to quickly switch my brain from studio, to journalism.

All-in-all, it was a jam-packed day where my shutter finger didn’t get much rest. As with any advertising shoot, there is no such thing as being over-prepared, especially when the window of opportunity for shooting the talent is the size of 5-10 minutes. My video-inclined buddy Will Keown followed the shoot from start to finish and put together this great short BTS video! I hope you enjoy… and remember the #1 priority is ALWAYS to get the image, and bringing lots of backup gear reduces the chance of a disaster happening. Once the gear is covered, it’s all up to the squishy thing between your ears.

Cilnt used the Phase One IQ260 60 megapixel medium format for the in-studio shots. As a proud Phase One owner myself, I can attest to the quality of the files coming right out the camera (if you light things properly of course). Although, I don't blame him for pulling out a Canon 5D Mk3 for the on-locaiton shots. The Phase One is amazing, but unless you have the IQ250 CMOS, its hard to use a CCD-based medium format in a quick and dirty situation due to limited ISO range and slower focusing just due to the mass and inherent design of a medium format.

Clint should do a time-lapse video of his clean and high-impact post-production process. What do you guys think? [hint hint, do one Clint!]

Learn many more details about his shoot on Clint's website.

[This article was written in cooperation with and permission from the photographer]

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I love these. It amazes me that these images aren't THAT far fetched for others to achieve yet Clint (and others) still shoot for these major brands and high profile people. I dream of the day being able to land commercial projects. Not necessarily with brands or faces this big but you know...

You're right Brian, these images aren't too far-fetched, but I think the main elements you may be overlooking are dependability and reputation. When clients spend thousands of dollars on an idea, they want to make sure the photographer knows exactly how to handle any situation quickly, consistently, and deliver as much results as possible. Overall I had 15minutes combined with Jeff an Kasey, but that didn't include the countless hours of sourcing assistants, rental equipment, client meetings, estimates/paperwork, etc. I'm fortunate to be thrown into this advertising world, it just takes persistence and belief in your work.

Absolutely. I didn't mean "far fetched" in any other way than they weren't crazy re-touches or fantasy models flying through the clouds of Nepal on floating pirate ships type shots... they were straight and to the point and advertised the product as needed. Maybe I came across as saying, "eh... anybody can do that." But no... I meant that there's a lot of photographers out there capable of great photography, yet rarely get these opportunities. I enjoy these BTS vids because it shows that commercial photography doesn't have to be gigantic floating sets and circus performers jumping through flaming rings... most professional (and would be) photographers strive to posses the quality shown in these images before dreaming of models on flying pirate ships in the clouds of Nepal.

Zero offense taken Brian, I was just adding the extra elements that many people overlook. But yes, overall a photoshoot is a fun job! Basically I have to pinch myself in the middle of a shoot and ask "do I really get paid for this?!?"... Hopefully one day I'll be shooting a flying pirate ship in Nepal!

I second the idea of Clint doing a post-production process video. He's got a killer style.

Thanks Jennifer! One step at a time, this is my first BTS video :)
I do have some really cool projects coming up that I may do a post-processing video.

Great stuff Clint! Love seeing your stuff land on Fstoppers from time to time.

I love that this is just a basic grey background and simple lighting (or so it seems) Thanks for the BTS! I'm definitely in for the BTS Processing! :)

Man I wish I know your were at the GoPro Complex I live two mins from there and would have loved to have been there the help you out. Great shots!

Like a paid Assassin. He gets the job done. Beautiful.