How Good Is Fujifilm's Budget X-A5 Camera?

The Fujifilm X-A5 is remarkably cheap, coming in at just $499 including a widely respected kit lens, making for inexpensive entry into the popular X Series. But can it hold its own against its more powerful siblings and will it stand up to the demands of a professional photographer? This great review will answer just that question for you. 

Coming to you from Maarten Heilbron, this great video review takes a look at the Fujifilm X-A5 camera, the budget model in the X Series lineup. One thing to note is that the X-A5 does not carry an X-Trans sensor like other Fuji X Series cameras, as it actually uses a more traditional Bayer sensor. Nonetheless, you still get Fuji's much beloved image processing and film simulations. Despite the cheap price, you also get some other notable features, such as a 4K burst function that shoots still at 15 fps, built-in focus stacking, 1080p at 60 fps, and an electronic shutter of up to 1/32,000 s. Of course, it won't trade blows with the more advanced cameras in the lineup, but if you're looking for a quality, highly portable camera, it's certainly a very intriguing option. Check out the video above for Heilbron's full thoughts. 

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EL PIC's picture

I just used the Fuji X Pro 2 from a Professional Photographer while in Nova Scotia. He equated it to a $10 K Leica.
Looks like this is the watered down version.
I m a 5D III shooter but see this as a good travel camera. Don’t think Nikon Canon Sony can or would compete with this Fuji Lineup.

Has any one tried the XT3 ?
What did you think ??

darrell miller's picture

I'm a sony mirrorless shooter that bought an XT3 off a friend that didnt care for it. Its a fantastic little camera. The fuji system is really strong. I love the colors and "look" of the images straight out of the camera. I still use my sony A7r3 for my professional work, focusing is faster, eye focus is MUCH better, and low light performance on the sony is fantastic.. i shoot live music and performances mostly and cant use a flash.. but outside of that stuff.. The fuji is the way to go. its just a fun good sized camera with incredible

Deleted Account's picture

I love my Fuji system and both my cameras but Fuji is not the same as a Leica. If it were, I wouldn't dream of Leica.

I have the X-T30 which is the smaller, lighter but not quite as featured-packed X-T3 and it's awesome. Huge fun to use. The eye AF is more than good enough. Nor have I had any issues in low light and I shoot a lot at night in temples. I'd rather saw off a limb than shoot Sony, mind you, utterly soulless.

Rhonald Rose's picture

X-T3 is an amazing piece of equipment. Jumped from Canon to Fuji echosystem (not because Canon won't release latest and greatest thing, it's just I wanted to dive into MF and didn't want to keep two different brands, so Fuji made it easy) a year ago. X-T3 is a very capable camera, comparable to 5D MIV (my previous one) in terms of IQ, but in a smaller sensor, with many more features which isn't offered by 5D MIV (if you are interested in those, for me the Film simulations are best, to offer straight out of JPG to people if I don't want to spend time tweaking them).

And, the glasses are great (of course you use X Pro 2, so you will know it well).

Deleted Account's picture

I ditched Canon for Fuji too... I'd loved my DSLR but it was time for something much smaller for my life of endless travel. People who complain Canon isn't moving fast enough don't really understand how this works... Canon tries not to release rubbish and has the largest line up of lenses and bodies to consider the impact on.

Deleted Account's picture

No viewfinder, absolute dealbreaker for me.
Fo the price, I'm sure it's a lovely little camera for those who don't need one.

Rod Kestel's picture

Me too, can't take seriously a camera without a viewfinder.

Deleted Account's picture

It's not about taking it seriously. It's about usability.
I wear reading glasses. Looking at the rear screen to compose everything is a pig, add sunlight, not viable.

Christian Fiore's picture

+1. 3rd point of stabilization from a viewfinder helps significantly in low light, too.

stuartcarver's picture

I picked up an XM1 for less than £100 recently, coupled with the XF27mm it’s a perfect little camera to throw in a camera bag.

The lack of viewfinder is of no issue to me, I quite like the point and shoot aspect of it.

I’d have gone for the more modern option in the XA5 but I’m a sucker for the x-trans sensor.

Spy Black's picture

No EVF, no 4k, and a powered zoom. Should be a hit...

Brandon Rechten's picture

Did you miss the part about it being $499? No one spending that little cares about 4k video. This is like complaining that a Toyota Yaris doesn't have a leather interior...

stuartcarver's picture

Some comments about these budget cameras are embarrassing aren’t they.

Philip Philippidis's picture

A m4/3 entry level camera, like a Panasonic GF, is better value for money.
And if you buy used, you can find a Fujifilm X-E2 for half that price.

Paul McMurrick's picture

Agree fully with you. Cant believe how absurd these responses are. It costs very little and is tiny. If you want 4k video, a viewfinder etc, then get a larger camera. I use the XF 10 as a pocket camera. The image quality is far better from this sensor than MFT despite people guessing otherwise.
Neither the XF10 nor this camera are perfect but they have a great role to play

Spy Black's picture

"Did you miss the part about it being $499?"

Did you miss the part about it being 2019?...

Christian Fiore's picture

Panasonic GX85 has 4K and an EVF and TWO lenses for $499. Oh yeah, and IBIS!

Charles Metivier's picture

Will it stand up to the demands of a professional photographer? Its a $500 entry level camera. I doubt it!

Alex Cooke's picture

Depends on what you do. Need great AF? Maybe not. Looking for a nice sensor in a portable package for landscape work? Absolutely.

Spy Black's picture

Yes, trying to compose your landscape scene on that rear screen in bright sunlight, with a powered zoom, will be such a rewarding experience...

Tom Self's picture

I have an X-T3 and picked up a X-A5 with 16-45 to replace my wife's EM10 M III and it is a great little camera. Slightly less Dynamic range at ISO 200 than the X-T3 but way more than any M43 camera. The resolution gives the X-T3 and even the A7III a run for their money(checkout the dpreview studio comparison test shots). Not having the viewfinder is a great way to force yourself to do shots at other than eyelevel. Leave the screen tilted up and it will remind you to go low down. The biggest downer for me is that the colors are different enough that it is hard for me to match with the XT3 shots but I have not tried very hard at this point. In summary the XA5 is high end APS-C quality in an M43 size and price.

Maarten Heilbron's picture

Alex: Thanks kindly for this story about the X-A5 and including my review. I appreciate the support.